The addiction

By Ridelle Luminus

Finsishing off the last bit of the basket, it takes over again. This unstopable instinct that engulfs your mind every time you see it. Greed, the ultimate addiction, and being the young thief you are, you have plenty of it. Stealing basket after basket, shovel after shovel. Until theres none left. Suddenly, stealing valuable medal and food isn't enough for you anymore. No, you want something bigger. So you hear from A friend that the only way to get better is to palm. Pulling your coin, you try it.. it's fun. You do it over, and over again. And again, you get lost in the addiction! flicking your wrist, concealing the denar, over and over, until you lose track of time. weeks go by without you even noticing, a month goes by, and you are better than you ever imagined you could be! hungry, and surviving only off of water droplets that splashed in your mouth, you snatch another basket. You engulf what is inside, not giving A damb about what family you just sent to starvation. And you see it, The one thing worth taking on a day like this in Iridine... A patricians pouch. You wait until noones looking and you sneak up behind him, with your knife, you catch it in your hand. Your surprised he didn't notice. And then, the addiction takes over again, you look and see everyone has A pouch. you start sneaking around, cutting A string here, catching A pouch there, until you cant hold anymore. you walk to the bank to deposit your new found money, the teller tells you you have 4 talents, far more than you imagined. Then you think, "4 talents?! in 1 day?". Then the addiction takes over, you run around to every street stealing pouches. Then, you run into A constable! To heavy to run, the constable beats you over the head with his stave.

You wake up unconcious in A jail, thinking about what you had done. Then, A person walks in and informs you.. "You are to be executed at dawn.". You panic! never have you ever heard of such A trememdous punishment. And then you think about what you've done again, realizing that you deserve this punishment. You curse at the fowl addiction and fall asleep.

You wake up to find yourself strapped to A table. A man is standing next to you with A hood over his head, and brandishing an axe in his hand. Your hearing is wavy, so you dont quite understand what the man yelling to the crowd is saying. You look out into the crowd, and you see the faces of all your victims, looking back with faces engulfed in hatred. Then you see have hope, A group of hooded men walk in through the crowd and center themself in the middle. They look around, and they see you, there young thief partner. your thinking, "yes! they've come to save me!". but as the axe raises, and they show no sign of movement, you panic. but it's to late to do anything. Your head topples off the side and rolls to the hooded men, they stare down at it. then walk off.
Now you will rot in A firy pit for the rest of eternity, because you let the addiction get the best of you....

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