Thieves Among Us

By Cladius Maximus

The tall, tan man removed his mask and placed it in his large trunk. He smiled as he put his hand into his sack and pulled out a handful of coins. He placed those in his trunk too and shut it. Turning the key, he stood up and took his spear from his chest in the corner. He blew out the candle lighting his room and the area became dark. He opened the door and softly shut it behind him. He gave a smile to his neighbor just entering his room and the neighbor smiled back and then shut his door. The man turned, locked his door, and walked down the hallway that lead to the street.
He came out onto the road and stopped a moment, admiring the sun slowly dipping behind the tall city walls off in the distance. He stood there and the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky turned black. He turned, with a sad expression on his face, recalling a childhood memory he had long forgotten. He shook it out of his mind and proceeded to walk down the long cobblestone road that weaved its way to the bridge and past the forum. He nodded to a bored constable watching over the area and the constable smiled back and waved. The man waved back and yelled out as he was walking off, Slow night again? The constable let out a laugh and shouted back, Yes, as always around these parts. The man grinned and continued on his way, passing the Moon Bay Company offices, the bank, and many of the crowded insulas that line the streets.
Just as he was beginning to feel alittle lonely, he reached the Toga Inn and noticed a group of his friends. One friend turned, smiled, and said, How goes it? Was hunting in Monlon good? The man replied, Why yes, I made myself a good amount today. I was having fun until that heavy walked in on me though.
Aye, I know what you mean, replied the friend.
So, what are you up to?
Well, said the friend, I am going to go into my room and hitting the hay. Im worn out from all hunting I did today; five rats and one amber. He shook his head in despair.
You could always take up stealing, I hear theres good money in that. The friend let out a laugh as the man grinned at his comment. The friend then waved and headed into the Toga, disappearing among the large crowd within. The man then thought about his last comment briefly and smirked as he felt a sharpened sen within the palm of his hand.

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