Stories of the thief

By Ridelle Luminus

You stare intently at the object, curious of it's origin. All you know is that it was sitting by your bed when you woke up. You heard of something called palming, so you decide to try it out. Amazingly, you hide the coin, as if it were instinct. Knowing how you've done this, you think to yourself. "Thieving is 'spose to be A fulfilling career, lots of denar, action packed.. maybe you should take it up.". Agreeing with your mind you set out of the Stone Toga Inn to find A private dealer, one that can possibly sell you A hooded cloak for A low price. But, when you find him, he says his mimimum price is 15 talents, your thinking, "15 TALENTS! ARE YOU CRAZY?!". Then it hits you, your gonna have to make the money some how. You begin to eye the crowd, and you see A citizen walking by with A reaping hook in his hand. You sneak up behind him and make A wild grab for it, and you catch it without him noticing. You quickly deposit your new found item into your sack, and making sure noone saw you. Now, you need to find somewhere to sell this. Remembering what one of your friends said one time, you head to A metal buyer. Finding him, you offer it to him, but he only gives you seven-teen denar for your expensive catch, you begin to wonder if theres A better place, and it comes into your mind... Vetallun. So you set out on A journey for the Vetallun Crossroads, Hoping to make it before nightfall.

You arrive at your destination at night, and begin to ask around where you can find A metal buyer, and they direct you to Bragans. You walk into his armory, and offer him the hook, much to your surprise, he gives you eight more than you expected, he hands you twenty-five denar! happy with your find for the night you begin to head for the local inn.

Upon your arrival, A dark hooded figure approaches you, He says he's been watching you for quite some time, and that he placed the coin by your bed. At first, you are shocked, not knowing how he gained access to your room, but then you see this as A good thing. He tells you of A secret organization, and wants you to join. Excited, you agree with him, and he does the most generous thing that will ever happen to you.. he offers you A hooded cloak. Excited, you accept it, and you wrap it around you, letting the warmth wrap around your cold body. He takes you down A hallway, and then down A long flight of stairs. You arrive at A Small door, he opens it, and asks you to go inside. Willingly, you walk in, seeing yourself in the nicest room you could have ever imagined. He tells you that it is yours, and shows you A chest filled with new clothing, weapons, and money. You want to scream out in cheer, but you dont want to make him think your to happy, afraid it would be un-professional. But as soon as he leaves, you do it anyways, screaming at the top of your lungs! you walk over to the chest, and begin to count your money.. it comes to A total of sixteen talents! never have you ever seen this much money in your whole life! you examine your newfound weapons, Including A foot long dirk, with A golden handle, and an engraved picture of A dragon running up the blade. Your other weapon is A small little metallic rod, looking closer, you realize it's not A weapon, but more of A lock pick. You pick it up, and walk over to A small chest on A table. You sit there for hours poking the rod in and out trying to unlock, when suddenly, it clicks. And you have been admitted access to the secret inside the box. The knowledge you have aquired sticks in your head, and you think. "Maybe I can be A thief, and disguise myself as an everyday locksmith so noone will ever know!".

Waking up in the morining to the sounds of pounding on your door, you walk over, and open it. The man with the cloak is standing there, and asking you if your ready. But you think, "Ready for what?". Then he tells you that today is the day that they raid the jail, and release their leader. Astonished at such A rash decision, you deny it at first. Then he tells you it's your obligation as A guild member. Not wanting to lose everything you've aquired, you get dressed in your clothing.. you discover A large breast plate kind of object under it. He tells you it's your armor, and thrilled as you are, you run your finger along it. smiling with every dip it makes. Picking it up and strapping it on, you realize it's A muscle cuirass, the finest piece of armor you've ever seen. throwing your hooded cloak around you and pulling the hood over your head, you leave, with your beutiful dirk at your side, and your lockpick in your pouch, along with 14 talents, and 25 denars..

Arriving at the secret assembly location, you get put in the "D" group, the ones that will run in and save the leader. Frightened by this, you realize how hard your job will be. But your hooded friend tell you, "Dont worry! you have the easiest job of all!". Somehow what he says comforts you.

As the group approaches the jail house, A horn sounds, and everyone begins to stop, so you do the same. Suddenly, people from A group of archers begin to climb trees, and notch arrows into their bows. Pointing them northwest, you gaze that direction, seeing five constables standing outside of A giant building, wondering where the sound came from. Suddenly, everyone vanishes out into their positions, leaving you in the center unnaware of where to go. And then, it begins..

Five arrows go flying into the chests and heads of the five guards. They collapse down dead, A group from the west runs across the field and throws A rope with A hooking device on the end foreign to you, it catches in A window slit, and they begin to climb. then, from out of nowhere everyone springs up from around you and charges the jail! scared and dizzy, you hide behind A boulder, and watch the onslaught. you gaze over to your left about 300 yards, and you see something extremely shocking, A group of vigalantes have assembled at the edge of the forest and are preparing to charge your guild! Before you can give warning, the vigalantes are already set upon them,connecting blades with the flesh of many thieves. Archers are being dragged out of trees, and their throats slit. You watch on as the horrible slaughter continues. You cant believe this is happening to them, you suddenly turn to your right seeing A giant man, wielding A bronze gladius. He strives to cut you in two, but you wont have it, with astonishing ease, your dirk is out and in the mans back. pulling it from his flesh, you head for the battlefield, ducking and weaving to not be noticed. You run along the enemy line and cut A limb there, slash A throat there, Rip A lung out, and commit other disgusting acts until you stop and look. Suddenly, you realize that you have killed all but two of the vigalantes. But before you can turn to attack they had already fled. You fall to the ground, catching your breath, and you begin to cry, as the heat of battle catches up with you. Then you remember that the guild leader is still up in the jail. So, jumping to your feet you run to the top of the stares only to find A locked door. You pull your lockpick, and begin to unlatch it. It clicks.. you open the door and run inside. Walking to the cell, you see A gruesome sight. Your leader, dressed in A hooded cloak, is hanging from the wall, with A javelin through his chest. But then it hits you, you have just fought in A war for no reason, hundreds of lifes were ended for no reason.. you killed many for no reason! You cant contain your grief, and before you know it, your holding your dirk again, fighting for your own life against your self! but then you think, Then it comes to you.. You are rich, and all alone. Those two powerful aspects put together create quite A powerful formula.

Later on, you set out of the jail, after burrying the leader, and reciting an ancient altene prayer. You walk off into the city streets, among the very families of the men you killed. Smiling, you walk by.. smiling at them, pretending to be their friend, and the poor fools dont know what you've done, and probably wont, until someone goes to jail. But by then, you'll be long gone, you'll be headed home, laying on your large mattress, in your large room, living A life of luxury.

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