Starting Again

By Taliseman

The wind roared around him, wrapping him up and crushing him. The sky was no more. The ground that was seconds before below him suddenly disappeared. He was at a lost for words. Now sitting here hugging his knee's for warmth he was scared. It never crossed his mind that Ereal had him in safe hands and was protecting him. The only thought in his mind that he was alone. His friends and family could not follow here and help him. He started to believe that maybe Ereal thought he was not worthy enough to live. So he did logical thing to do and he knelt and prayed hard to Ereal. Trying to show Ereal that he was sorry for his past wrongs and was sorry. Sorry for the thoughts and deeds that were of an evil intention and this prayer went on for days. Though he was starting to starve, he kept up his faith. The prayer was kept up for one week until Taliseman could no longer hold his head up or down... for there they all look the same. He went unconscious, falling to the ground and he started to become delirious with thoughts of standing alone fighting the Ravonites and Cinners, a deadly combination. He was dying, both inside and out. The wounds he was recieving were mortal and quick. Then a white, pure, comforting light was surrounding him. His prayers had been heard after all. His atlanti gladius started to glow, as so did his hands. He fought, never being touched. He was the spirit Ereal had chosen to fight the wrong and injustices of life. He knew the wrongs he had done and had repented. He would trust in Ereal and always keep the faith he promised..... Then he woke, naked in the toga. Gently words from what seemed like nowhere told him to be greatful and dutiful, for Ereal is a loving, caring, and helpful god, but also looks down apon ones who are given the chance to start again and do not take it with joy in their hearts.Alive and glad to be back to reality he knelt and slipped a silent prayer to Ereal and stood to start again. From one who had almost all, to one who has nothing except his skills your hindsight is great and your foresight is even better. He stood and proudly walked out of the toga, remembering the words of wisdom departed apon him......

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