A Simple game of Dice

By mrcovert

I win again! The tall Cineran man shouted. He
picked up his dice and kissed them. Youre my lucky
dice tonight! The man had already won alot of money,
but he thought it wasnt enough he kept playing and
winning more and more.
Then a cineran officer walked in, Were headed to
assualt the city of Monlon in the morning, prepare
yourselves! He said sternaly. The Cineran looked
down at his dice, you bring me luck now youll bring
me luck tommorow well get lots of loot from those
Iridine scum. He said to the dice.
The next morning they attacked but many people where
there to fight them, all the cinerans were slayed by
noon. The lucky pair of dice roled out of the
Cinerans hand, a citizen who was fighting in the fray
picked it up.
Woo Hoo! I finally got me a pair of dice! he
exclaimed. He took the dice and carried it around in
his pouch. He used the pair of dice to earn him some
cash so he could sit at the local tavern drinking.
People were in need of money, and the citizen with the
dice had money to spare, lots of money to spare, but
instead of lending some to the person in need he
bought another 8 bottle of posca. One night he ran
out of money, and headed to gamble with some people he
knew that were back up in Monlon, ha was passing
through the forest when a group of marauding bandits
attacked him, he was too drunk to fight back and he
fell quickly they took most of his belongings, one of
them took his dice, he decided to keep it and sell
them for a tidy sum. The citizen blead to death
shortly after.
The bandit carried the dice with him to his secret
stash, he played some dice with his bandit pals, and
won some of their loot, he decided to keep it, he
figured that the dice could earn him more money then
he would by selling it. He kept the dice and kept
winning more from his friends, but then one day one of
his friends claimed that he was cheating, and they
pulled there spears on him and impaled a spear right
through his neck, killing him almost instantly. They
took the dice and threw it outside, the pair of ivory
dice were found by a priest who was taking a walk and
enjoying the scenery, he kept the dice and let them
sit on a desk for decor. One day a poor old man, who
was in need of food passed by the priests house, the
priest fed him and gave him the dice to sell so he
could start his life up again. The man thanked the
priest, but the man not thought he could get more by
gambling with the dice instead. He won alot then on
one bet he bet it all and lost all he had were his
pair of dice left, he bet the dice that it would role
even numbers, he lost his dice. No one help the man,
he died of starvation. As for the priest he lived a
long and fulfilling life. The priest was not greedy
instead he shared of what little he had.

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