Rainbow Demon

By Rinath [Long47]

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining down upon the many heads, there wasn't a cloud in sight. Nearby a bird was sing a merry tune, until a rustle in the grass and flight of an arrow ended that song.
'Stupid birds, never stay quiet,' the nearby bandits laughed.
'How much longer till we get to this town,' one of the bandits whispered silently.
'Just relax, you'll get your chance,' said a large man in the back.
An hour went by as they finished their climb up the ridge and the small village came into view. The large man began his instruction,' Remeber kill everyone who wields a weapon, burn down the looted house, and save the more attractive females,' A crude laugh came from the entire group, as they began to chant and yell. They were shocked alittle running down the hill that the simple farmers hadn't began to run for the hills upon the noise. They finally run down the hill into the village proper, still no sign of the villagers, and there was an eire feeling in the air. As if the gods were involved, then a strange noise was heard followed by a large stone burning descending towards them. Now their yelling was one of terror as they began to run in all directions, a few didn't manage to to escape the stone and were crushed and died burning. Their screams filled the wind as the hidden army descended upon the village. Their black armor seemed to drain the very sunlight, and their black swords glowed wierdly, even more so as they began to be covered in the blood of the paniced bandits. Not long after they were dead and one warrior stood high above the rest. The blood on his armor began to disappear suddenly, his red cape began to grow a darker red,' tell the little villagers they can come out of hiding now!'
'Yes sir,' one of the nearby soldiers cried.
'Report,' the large man yelled to another soldier.
'We have killed are the bandits, their screams must of reached to Ravan himself, and we didn't loss a single life. Our soldiers preformed quite well,' said the soldier.
'Bring the village leader to my tent,' with that the large man left.
The old scrawny man walked in shaking, the large man smiled, his helmet no off reveal dark hair, and even dark sunken eyes,' You remeber the deal.'
'Please sir, I can pay you in gold and farm animals, but not that,' the old man whined.
'You knew the deal, we filled our end and so now you will pay yours, care to watch,' the large man chuckled.
Tears streamed down the old man's face as the large man walked out the tent, just in time to see them take the screaming girl and lift her up on the stone altar. The high priest raised the dagger high into the air, mumbled a few archaic words and then the knife came down into her belly, along one last scream from her.
'For the Glory of Ravan,' the high priest cried, soon the whole camp joined in and for miles around the chant could be heard, and for miles around fear struck into the hearts of every creature. If only they knew Iridine was next.

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