A New Hero, part II

By Long47

Trifus gazed up from under the hood of his traveling cloak. He and Grus, his archer friend, had been traveling for many days. The had taken care to avoid every city in the area as they made to the border and set straight out for the enemy camp. Now they were staring straight at the last city on the map. Kelestia was a strange unmarked land that no outsiders knew of. This last city was their last chance for supplies and information.


They had traveled through a forest and where within a few feet of the city limits when they heard the sound of battle. As kind people they quickly searched around and discovered five simple bandits attacking and old man in a deep green cloak. He appeared unharmed but severely out matched. So without thinking, Grus quickly pulled out five arrows and took careful aim. He nailed each bandit in the chest before they knew what happened.Trifus charged in anyways only to be meet face to face with the man in green cloak. Quick observation told him the man wasn't old just severely burned from head to toe. "I thank you for your help," replied the man in cloak. "It was nothing, we like helping people," said Trifus beginning to move away from the man. "Hold young sir, the god I serve is not an ungiving god, and I see you seek adventure," said the man turning to Grus and Trifus. "Dycrus will not send you to your enemy destination but send you to some place no Cineran has ever walked." "There is not a place on Midlight that the mighty Cinerans have not touched," answered Grus thinking the man crazy. "Not this Midlight, but there is one different and you shall go there barbarian and thieving friend," said the man with a smile. "You are a crazy old man," said Grus turning to leave. "We shall see," laughed the man waving his hand and turning Trifus and Grus into particles of sand.


Trifus rubbed his sore hand and sat up. He was no longer in the field they had met the old man but in a very large city. He quickly grabbed a nearby man and spoke loudly," where am I?" "Why sir your in the capital of the greatest empire ever on Midlight, Iridine,"

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