The Moon Gods, Part II

By Long47

Barius looked out as he raised his head from prayer. He remebered the first day he had walked into the temple of Invex. He became her immediate follower and was becoming a well-known follower and priest. The staff his father had given him was amazing and he had saved himself from priest of Ereal before, without even taking a life. His road looked easy now, all until a letter reached him.


"Your father is dead, citizens came and killed him looking for you. The constables captain was the one who ordered it." "What is it my child?" asked a friendly old man seeing the upset look on his face. "They killed my father!" cried Barius breaking into tears. "The time has come when Ereal and Ravan will throw away these religions as they did the older ones. Ereal will not stand anyone else being worshipped and Ravan is the only one to have strong enough warriors to fight him. Go and find vengence, but do not return to this temple, tonight they will burn it down. Flee to the temple outside of the city, laying in the underground tunnels." said the old man. "I will not forget this," said Barius turning to leave.


"It was amazing, that is the 30 person we have killed who didn't serve Ereal or Ravan. Though I wish Ravan's soldiers didn't have to be there," said the young constable captain. "It is nesscary, we are allies while these menaces are alive and then we will kill them to," said the old Senator behind the desk. Just then the door was knocked over and a young priestly man walked in. "Can I help you?" questioned the constable. "Yes, you can die!" yelled Barius charging at the man. His first attacks were blocked by the accurately swinging quarterstave of the constables, so he swith tactics and drew the iron blades from his quarterstave and pressed in harder. Raising the stave and bring it down end first it was blocked overhead, but reversing his grip he shot the iron blade of the other end straight into the constables groin sending him down. "FOR MY FATHER!" yelled Barius finishing the man off. He ran towards a window and jumped through and out into the dark alley below.


He had safely made it to the temple underground, but he could see the lights from the city well. They were burning a dozen or more temples, but even worse, he could hear the footsteps of mean marching toward him. "Everyone inside, we must prepare to guard the temple and our lives!" yelled Barius herding the worried priest inside and preparing for the big battle yet to come.

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