The Memories of Iridine, part VI

By Cladius Maximus

Twelve Trumpets sounded a loud and brief chorus to which the cheering crowd parted and the finely crafted Senate doors opened wide to a small group of soldiers and officers. The crowd cheered as the men hastily walked into the chamber and removed their helmets. The Consul stood up and the Senate followed him. They clapped as the men, in full uniform with their armor gleaming and weapons shinning from the reflection of the sun, strode in from the crowd. The doors shut and the crowdís cheers were immediately drowned out. The counsel and a few Senators awaited the men in the center of the Senate floor. Each man proceeded to step in front of the Consul and kneel. After a few minutes, Andrius was summoned to the Consul. He kneeled and dropped his head down. The Consul said to him, ìFor being struck down in battle,î and then the Consul raised his voice and announced to the Senate, ìand for being the savior of Iridineís brave citizens who were surrounded by hordes of the Cineran troops, Andrius Pompeii, the Senate and the people of Iridine bestow with you the title of Tribune and a command within the first Legio of the Republic of Iridine. May Ereal watch over you and may you serve your new position well.î Andrius stood and bowed to the Senate chamber and to the Consul, who nodded with a grin and the next soldier repeated the process of the previous ones.

The doors to the Senate opened and again the trumpets shouted forth a glorious blaze and the people shouted out hails and praises. The honored men stood atop the marble steps of the Senate chamber and looked down to the crowd. Andriusí eyes passed over the crowd, slowly, in an attempt to take it all in. His ears listened and his body stood solid as a rock before the screaming masses. One of the men proceeded to march slowly down the steps and the others followed close behind. They reached the bottom and joined their troops. Andrius jumped back into line and one of the Centurions grabbed him. He asked, ìWhat are you doing?î Before Andrius could respond the Centurion exclaimed, ìYouíre a Tribune now, get up to the front of the line!î Andrius smiled and marched off, and to his surprise, the Consuls attendant stood waiting for him, with a white stallion in hand. The attendant helped Andrius up onto the stallion and the General nodded and welcomed the newest member to the ring of officers. The General then raised his hand and shot it forward and the column marched along back to their barracks and the end to a week of struggle, glory, and excitement.

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