The Memories of Iridine, part III

By Cladius Maximus

To the healers; Iridine wouldnt survive without them.

Andrius found himself in a large tent. The buzz of flies seemed ever present along with a lingering smell of which he could not seem to distinguish. He looked around himself and noticed he was among beaten men, all moaning or screaming in horror as the healers attempted to remove destroyed limbs. Andrius stumbled over to one healer, who was just washing off her hands. She placed down a bundle of bandages and looked up with a tired face. She managed a brief smile and stated, My oh my, your arm, that looks like a terrible wound. Andrius, still in shock over his current circumstance, gave a confused nod, as if he seemed to know not what the healer was talking about. He grasped his arm tightly and said, Is there anything you can do? My arm has been bleeding and I am very tired.
Well, the healer replied, its my job to patch fellas like you up now aint it? With that, she helped him over to a bed, which had just vacated by some poor soul. She began to examine his arm, taking off parts of dead skin and waving away flies as she did. She took a small vile of liquid and poured it on Andrius arm. He squinted a little, just enough for someone to notice that he felt some pain. She then dug through her bag and got out a small iron bar of some sort. She put in Andrius mouth and said, Here, bite down on this. She then pulled out some stitches and a needle and began to stitch the wound shut. With this, Andrius began to moan a little and bite down hard on the small iron bar. He clenched the fist on his good arm and then opened it only so he could grasp and clench down on the bed. Now, all done. The healer announced with a smile. That didnt hurt so much now did it? Andrius, with a frown just gazed through her and then relaxed against the rough pillow and spit out the bar.
Well, Ill just put on these bandages and youll be all set. Just rest here and well get you some water. The healer, in the middle of patching up Andrius, said, My name is Luminaeus. What is yours? With a slight murmur, Andrius responded, Andrius Pompeii.
Luminaeus responded, Nice to meet you Andrius. With a smile of satisfaction she stated, There all better. Try to be more careful next time, or youll have to come see me again. With that, she walked off to the next patient, and began the same routine. Andrius, tired from his days exploits, was pale white and extremely dirty. He pictured his friend, from the moment they met in the Academy. Sparring together, playing jokes on the younger members of the Legio in later years, but mainly walking around the streets each day, carefree. He wondered what it would be like if they had simply gone to lunch that day, no battle, no Cinerans, no death.

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