The Memories of Iridine, part II

By Cladius Maximus

To the gallant exploits of all Iridine Soldiers, especially those who gave their lives for our benefit.

As Andrius and Augustus walked towards the narrow street, the rain begin to come down again. Andrius exclaimed with disgust,
Ach, just as I thought it was gone for the day.
The two turned the corner to notice a group of soldiers rushing out from the barracks, some half dressed, others in full attire. The confusion that was occurring was trying to be extinguished by a lone Centurion shouting,
Come on Men! Get changed, get in line! Hurry up now! You! he shouted to the two friends,
What the heck do you think youre doing!
We were on patrol sir, we just the Centurion harshly interrupted Augustus with a violent curse,
What! Dont you know you two should have checked in first? They both exclaimed,
We Did!
No time for arguing now, get in line.
Augustus and Andrius assumed their spots in line just as their comrades were finishing getting suited up. Suddenly the Centurion began to hastily walk back and forth while saying, A large force of Cinerans has been spotted near the woods in Vetallun heading towards the city. The other squads are on their way there, assisted by local volunteers who are already on the scene. Hurry now men, we will outnumber them 2 to 1 as soon as you get your lazy hides out there! Move out!
With that, the squad hastily moved out, drawing a fearful glance by viewers in the streets along the way. Some people tried to ask what happened only to be pushed off by constables trying to keep the crowd under control. As the squad approached Vetallun, a large sea of red uniforms and polished armor could be seen in the distance. Upon a high hogs-back hill stood the entire Legion. All in perfect battle lines, soldiers as far as the eye could see. Shouts from various officers could be heard from miles away, for their voices were making the thunder seem as if it were noting at all. The rain made the journey up the hill a trial. Mud was everywhere and confusion still blooming. As the small squad reached the hill, the sounds of arrows and swords could be heard in the valley below. Shouts of agony and pain, shouts of triumph and glory, all were there. It was an awful scene, the Cinerans were trampling the local men. Blood could be seen flowing in the puddles formed on the roads. The sound of tearing flesh and breaking bones pierced even the most eldest soldiers ears with terrible ferocity. Despite this, the red sea of troops began to march into the battle, then they wielded their swords and charged in. The force with which the Legion hit was immense. The shields brushed back the first line of Cinerans. The soldiers began to fight towards the center of the Ciners where the few remaining towns people fought on for their lives. Augustus ran into a surprised Cineran and with a smash of his shield brushed him back. While still stunned, he thrust his sword up and into the Cineran and continued this process until cutting down some 10 pour souls. Andrius, was trailing behind, helping the wounded ward off the merciless devils. Him and a small group slowly pushed their way into the center, where the fiercest fighting was occurring. The shrieks of the wounded were drowned out by clashing metal as soldiers from both sides fell in increasing numbers. Andrius managed to reach the center and began to defend the local volunteers who welcomed him with a,
Where have you guys been?
Andrius smiled and continued to fight, crushing soldiers with his pummel and putting them to death with a single blow. Andrius and his small group continued to push into the center of the Ciner force, where he could see the blood covered Augustus. Augustus, though not wounded, was dripping in the blood of others. He continued to ward off ever increasing numbers of Ciners with intensity. Suddenly, one managed to catch him of guard and dodged his shield quickly and put his dirk into Augustus waist.
Augustus! Andrius screamed.
He began to fight his way through the crowd, trying to get to his fallen friend. But he too, in a desperate attempt to reach him was cut down by a dirk with a wound to the arm. Andrius opened his eyes. It was over. A few of his comrades were standing near him looking through the dead. He tried to stand, but was weak. He called out,
Anyone, help please.
A few men came over to him and picked him up. His wound had stopped bleeding, but it was cut badly enough to have spilled onto his armor and face. He wiped the blood off his face and looked around. What a Ghastly sight! The dead everywhere, broken weapons and an ankle high sea of blood and rain water. He began to stumble through the mud, in the direction of his friend. When he came upon him, his was covered by two or three bodies. Andrius removed them only to see a blood soaked, lifeless remain of his friend. It was too much. Andrius began to cry and dropped to his knees. He grasped his friend and shook violently, seeing if he would awaken but to no avail. He began shouting with horror to the point where a few soldiers had to grab Andrius to remove him. He refused to leave, but his strength gave way and they dragged him off to the makeshift hospital where he would be treated.

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