The Memories of Iridine, part I

By Cladius Maximus

To the gallant exploits of all Constables.

Augustus awoke as he normally did. Putting on his garments and armor among his comrades, polishing his boots and metals, sharpening blades and tying a sash and cape above it all. He looked at the window with a frown. For it was raining as it always did at this time of year. Among the sheets of rain, flashes of lighting drew forth from the gray heavens. He thought to himself that Ereal must have been in an unpleasant mood. With a brief sigh and the final pull on the knot of his cape, he proceeded to place a sagum upon his neatly shining garments and walk out the thick pine door. He hurried across the narrow road to a long gray stoned building, and before he could knock, a face appeared and it drew a smile. Hello friend, ready for another exciting day of searching for action?
Aye, Augustus replied, It is the same as everyday, a dismal melancholy feeling about and you and I have to march around in it.
Aye, but it is better than drilling all day is it not?
Augustus, after a brief shiver and chattering of the teeth replied, You are right Andrius, come, let us begin to move as the blood does not freeze in my veins.
With that, the two headed of into the pouring rain, with their boots pounding on the cobblestone as they walked. After a brief stroll to the Iridine Bank and back, the two headed off to the colorful market, which seemed deserted by all but a few merchants hurrying to get their goods in and away from the rain. The colorful and usually busy market was quiet for the time being, but as soon as the rain ceased the crowd would rush out to buy their wanted goods before it started up again. Among the wooden booths and narrow streets was a view like none other in the city. For as one walked to the top of the hill that the market was placed rudely upon, the lower parts of the city came into view. One can see the white marble and broad steps of the forum, the golden dome of the immense temple, the vast roads and insulas that lined them. However, the most splendid view being of the immense Coliseum, which lay nestled among the always-crowded area of the Bronze Lane. The two glanced around for a moment, looking down upon their glorious city. The sounds of hammers pounding harshly on metal could be heard and the clamor of crowds of in the distance. For as the two gazed about, the storm and moved away and the city began to open its shutters to the glowing array of sunlight that burst forth from the clouds. What a glorious view my friend. Stated Augustus.
Andrius responded with a smile, Aye, it is a great day to be alive and well. In celebration, let us head to the Inn for some tea, I need to warm up.
The two strode off down by the market place, which was now over flowed with customers from the surrounding area. Long lines appeared at closed stalls that rattled and creaked as merchants tried to get as many goods back on shelves as they could. With such a steady and impatient crowd, the eyes of the two men began shifting about, among the lines and within the streets. Their piercing stares meet a younger man wearing a tunic, some sandals, and some breeches. He seemed to be of his mid-teens but one could not easily tell. Fir he was rather small and bony, must likely from a lack of food. He had a dirty face that seemed to bear a few bruises from unknown sources. His hair was ruffled and his eyes bloodshot. He was moving from line to line very quickly, yet pausing at each one before speeding off to the next. The two men grasped their staves and began to draw nearer to the man, whom by this time remained blind to the two soldiers drawing towards him.
As Andrius and Augustus approached the young man, they noticed he had slipped his hand into a small pouch of a working class man and quickly removed the items from within. Augustus was the first to move in.
Excuse me, said Augustus. Would you care to kindly give back those coins you just stole?
At this time, the young man grew worried and the crowd shifted towards the scene. The young man, with a nervous look, removed his pouch and tossed it into Augustus face and motioned to run off. However before he could, Andrius raised the pommel of his gladius and quickly gave the young thief a hit on the head that gave out an enormous thunk! The man fell to the ground with a thud and began to twist and turn in agony, holding his head. Andrius, with a smile, took out some rope and tied the man up. With a sarcastic look on his face Andrius said, Youre a lucky guy my young thief, I usually knock people like you out with such a blow.
With that, Augustus let out a loud laugh and motioned to the crowd to check their pouches. A few people stirred and let out a gasp of amazement. Augustus re-distributed the coins and they dragged the young man off to the local cell and continued back to their barracks for a brief lunch.

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