My Dad's Last Fight

by Long47

Rinath slammed the man into the wall hard, knocking the wind from his lungs."Tell me what you know about my Father's death!"yelled Rinath."Ok,Ok,just put me down and I'll talk, I'll talk all you want,"said the man gasping for air.Rinath dropped him, but keep his stern face and a hand on his weapons."Ok, this is how it happened,"said the man taking a sit in the common room of the inn.


Gynus stared down over the hilly country that was his home.It was only rumors that had brought him and his men away from their wives, but the rumors seemed very true. There were quite a few campfires out their and they weren't of the normal inhabitants."Witinger, take five of our men down there. Sound the horn if you need some backup,"said Gynus turning to his second in comand. "As you command,"said Witinger riding off on his horse. Gynus was in charge of a small calvary unit in the Iridinian Legion. He was a very fine officer and was respected by all his men. He had the trust of every man in his troop, or so he thought. Gynus left at a bad time, his only son was very headstrong like him, and was holding no respect for anyone. He had left on very bad terms, but he planned on setting things right as soon as he got home. After all he was just checking to see if the rumors of Cinerans in Iridine were true or not. The sound of a war trumpet brought Gynus back from his thoughts and sent him into action. He immediately raised his hand and ordered a charge, trusting Witinger's judgement. As always Gynus was the first man down towards his friend and the battle. He arrived not a moment late, as his men raced to battle. Gynus rode up to Witinger and spoke to him over the sound of battle,"These uniforms look familair." "I thought so too, but a officer said they were Cineran,"said Witinger swinging his quarterstave at a man breaking his neck{Witinger was one of the first Calvary men to use a quarterstave, and he was very good at it}. Gynus only nodded and he began to battle with some of the enemy nearby. The fighting was furious and both sides were losing men quickly, but Gynus pressed on. He even managed to get the upper hand a few times, but then it fell back to a stalemate. Gynus whole body shook as he felt something enter his chest. He looked down in time to see an Iridinian Arrow sticking though his chest, the markings were of his own men. He looked up and searched for his killer, but found no one with a bow. He then fell off his horse, dieing fast. "Gynus!,"shouted Witinger as he jumped from his horse to his friend's side. Witinger too recognized the arrow and also realized it has gone into his friend's heart and was killing him. " Rina......Rin....R,"Gynus tried to speak as he died. "I promise on your death my friend. I will take care of your son,"said Witinger solomly as he stood. He stood and finished the battle, killing everyone of his enemies. He was glad until he walked over to their dead leader and looked at his face. This man was no Cineran, but Iridinian, a brand new commander in the army, for one of those special teams of soldiers. Witinger let out a blood curdling scream of rage."THIS DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!!!,"yelled Witinger. He slowly mounted his horse and rode to Monlon. Witinger told his superiors about what had happened and who the enemies were. They shoved it under the rug and claimed it was a Cineran invasion and Gynus had died protecting the Republic from Cineran takeover. Witinger grabbed a Centurion by the throat and almost ripped it out, they shoved him under the rug too by stationing him in a small-no-name village were he would never be seen again.


"Of course you know the rest, about your running away and everything,"said the man to Rinath. "One more thing, give me the directions to this village. I plan on reclaiming my father's friend,"said Rinath boldly. The man gave him specific directions to the town and then ran as fast as he can to get away from the savage man.


Rinath walked into the small broken down hut and stared at the floor. There slumped on the floor was an old drunk man, barely consious. "Stand up man, it is time for you to go home,"said Rinath to the drunk. "Who...<hiccup>,"said the man struggling to stand "I am Rinath son of Gynus, member of the Trijan Community,"said Rinath plainly, reaching out his hand to assist the drunk. "I know you....<hiccup>....I served with your father, I's did...<Hiccup>,"said the man taking Rinath's hand and stepping with him out the door,"I was once his friend.......I'm Witinger, I let him down." Witinger hanging his head in shame throwing the jar of ale and grabbing his quarterstave by the door. "I know, its time for you to come to Iridine with me. Its time to earn back the respect you once had," said Rinath guiding him to a horse."Ok, I'll go with you and be your friend as I was once your dad's, but don't expect to much from my fighting, I haven't raised a quarterstave to fight in many years," said Witinger sobering up. "Thats ok, I'm sure I can take care of both of us,"said Rinath confidantely, as they rode off. With one Destination on their minds.

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