Life of the Twins

By Gabrie

Gabrie leans back in her cushy little chair. 'Ya know... it's been so many years, but I'm always thinking about that clumsy li'l sister of mine. I wish she didn't have to go so soon...'
Gabrie grins to herself. 'Hey... ya don't know her?? Well, she came to Iridine a LOOONG time ago, so ya probably wouldn't; I guess I'll tell ya about her.'
Gabrie thinks deeply. 'My sis, her name's Precis Mujinbeam. I still get a kick out o' that last name of hers! Oh yeah, did ya know; that's not my last name either, never was. Ya see, we were born on the exact same day, about five minutes apart; lucky me, I got to be the big sister since I came out first...'
Gabrie blushes. 'But I'm kinda out of line tellin' ya information like that, so I'll move on, k?'
'Anyways, our neighbors up in Altene just happened to be the Mujinbeams... and li'l momma Mujinbeam also had a kid of her own a bit after my mom.'
Gabrie shakes her head and grins. 'But somehow, they accidentally took Precis instead of their own kid before they left the little doctor's clinic!! And it stayed that way until we were both about five years old. See, that's when us little ones had something to the effect of 'physical features', so the Mujinbeams kinda freaked out when they had my replica in their clutches. Naturally, good family friends that we were, we pulled another baby swap to correct it all.'
Gabrie giggles softly to herself. 'That's when I finally met my twin sister; but it was SO annoying, I kept trying to use her as a mirror 'cause she looked exactly like me. And then I would get pissed off, 'cause Precis' hair would be all gorgeous, and mine would look like a stringy mass of abnormally-shaped 'curl things'. I still remember how my mom would tell me that I couldn't be as beautiful as Precis just by looking at her.'
Gabrie laughs! 'But hey -- I was pretty fond of magic back then; and then this little glamour queen learned how to fix her own hair so she could actually look like her sister!!'
Gabrie shifts her eyes around cautiously before continuing. 'Oh, and uh... I didn't quite know what a mirror was by that age -- or how to use it. Kinda embarassing, so don't tell anyone, k?? *wink*'
Gabrie takes a deep breath. '...Moving on. Precis and I had quite the life living as twins. Oh, it was great; driving our mom and dad nuts, 'cause they couldn't remember who was who. And then there were all the little pranks that we would pull -- hey, we're twins! We got away with a lot back then, because no one could tell us apart!'
Gabrie sighs. '...And then it was the eternal day of doom. Our parents realized that my eyes were green, and Precis' eyes were blue. They conveniently spread this little fact around our neighborhood. Our reign was over... damn, it was such a shame too!'
Gabrie smiles innocently. 'BUT... that doesn't mean we just stopped having fun. Oh ~no~, it wasn't that easy! We were kids, fun was irresistible; and we simply would not acknowledge the words, 'Impossible' and 'No!''

Gabrie sighs deeply, her eyes somewhat vacant. 'And then we grew up. The good part was, we had absolutely no regrets about our past. And we had made lots of friends that shared our same 'Interests', so to speak. Maybe ya know some of 'em from long ago, but I'll spare ya their life story for now.'
Gabrie's suddenly misted eyes stare off into the sky. '...We had everything going for us. Of course, Precis was always the outgoing one; oh, she had a way of making people turn heads and blink in amazement about fifty times!! And NO, she wasn't into 'that sort of thing'... I'm talking about the, uh.... ummm.... 'Road Worker' career, in appropriate terms *wink*. Nah, she was just really excited all the time, beaming her little face off of every wall she crashed into...'
A tear rolls down Gabrie's cheek. '...And then, she was gone. Just like that -- gone. No warning, no 'Goodbye Gabrie, I'll always love ya'.... and no chance for me to tell her how proud I was to have her as a sister. It happened just like that; I heard everyone yelling, 'Come quick, it's a disaster! Precis and Medrinnor are DEAD!!'. I just about broke off into a million pieces... the pain was too unbearable. Not only did I lose one of my best friends... but my twin sister, whom I cherished more than anything in Midlight.'
Gabrie sniffles and coughs a few times. '...A-anyways... well....'
'All I can really do now is live on for her. I'm trying to carry out my dreams, just like I know she would want me to. It's no longer about looking down upon my little sister; now, I'm looking ~way~ up at my mentor. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where I am now.'
Gabrie smiles faintly. 'Precis, I know you're up there somewhere. Ya know I love ya... and once I've lived my life to the fullest for both of us, then I'll probably end up coming to visit ya. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't wanna come up there just yet though!'
Gabrie grins to herself. 'Well, that's about it. And I have this to say to all of ya: I don't care if ya don't have a twin... if ya have a brother, sister, or someone that means the world to ya... then don't hold back anything. I'm tellin' ya straight from the heart, live your lives out like there's no tomorrow! 'Cause if ya two don't ever see each other again... ya'll wanna have all those good times to look back on.'
Gabrie winks at you. 'And besides -- once ya make that grand voyage to the new world, time is pretty much endless. So why not kick back with your pals and share all those great stories from Midlight, eh??'

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