Lingering Last Words

By TECForever

"A strong man's will, is every bit more important than his strength.." A man starts out. "His desire paving the path for success." The man leans against a bridge looking off into the distance. "It's important if you want to survive, that you learn who you are.. so you can know what life your to lead." He turns around and faces a group of young men dressed in armor. "For if you don't know who you are, then how will you know who to be?" The man reaches into his coat pocket, and pulls out a pouch with a portion of an arrow stuck in it. "It's fine to trust somebody, but keep an eye out for connections with those who could easily be after you." Gestures at a simple blue pouch. "They may attack you, when you least expect it...which is when you trust them the most." The young men shift their weight and glance around at eachother, before turning to listen to the man again. "Your heart will make you do funny things when it comes to love, but patience, hope, and time will tell you how you feel." A few of the younger men blush a bit at the words heart, and love. "You'll make mistakes along the way.. but you'll learn from them, and pass down what you learned from them to those younger than you. But sometimes they'll make the same mistake as you.. like keeping a wooden gladius in your scabbard from practicing before going out hunting.. and forgetting to grab your hunting gladius" A young men chuckles, and looks away, as the man smiles at him. The man then sighs and looks before his feet, then back up at the young men, ".. I must go now.. " A man standing near a door rushes over to the speaking man, and catches his fall, and helps him back up. They lead him out and into a building.

A young man moves infront of the small crowd of young men, "He will be remembered!" He exclaims with a slight accent. The young men cheer, then silence down, and remove their helmets, and kneel down, weilding their swords in one hand, and holding their helmet in the other. They bow towards the building, as a man comes out. "He's gone. The poisen finally got to him." A woman in the distance cries and runs off further into the distance, and trembles. The young men stand, wear their helmets and salute the building, and rest their hands at their sides, holding their sword with one, pointing it down.

A young man says softly to himself, "He will be remembered.." as his eyes fill with water. He stares towards the building as the others begin to slowely walk away. After an hour or so, he's the only one there, except the two guards by the door. The young man steps forward and kneels, wresting his knuckles in the ground, and his head on a knee. "You will be remembered."

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