Heir to the Gladius part 2

By Long47

Kurgen looked over the flied of battle. A year had passed since he had taught the child. At first he was resistant but he began to understand. Then his father got a message to him, and that one message took a years work away. Thinking him ready Kurgen had given him the famous gladius. It had been used here today, the warlord had one again, all because of the magic. "It wasn't your fault," said the familair old man appear at his side. "It was, and look at the sky, Dycrus is crying again today. Because of the boys betrayal he has left this land and peace has gone with him. Wiping a bead of rain from his face the old man spoke gently, " It wasn't your fault." "Because of the boy Dycrus might even leave the world itself," said a Kurgen near to madness. "No, Dycrus will never abandon the world as would Ereal or Ravan. He has been here since the beginning and will stay to the end. You know as well as I, Dycrus had to leave as the Iridinians plan to come back with a vengance, peace had no place here as it has none in Cinera," said the old man," now get up off your butt and get moving, you have no time to pity yourself. Get the blade back from Trinamin!" Kurgen only nodded and began his walk to the cold dark castle that housed the Warlord and his green blade.


"You should have seen the look on their faces as I cut their heads off. It was a work of Ereal himself," said the man sitting on the glass throne. "You surely do make me proud son, I am glad you forgot the plans of that Kurgen and come back to your rightful place," said the father happily. "He was not so lucky," come the laughing voice of Kurgen as he stepped in the door," these are yours." With a quick toss two now dead guards landed directly ontop of the father. "How dare you!" said the boy standing and the drawing the gladius. "That weapon knows me, it has a part of my very soul in it, do you think it would harm itself," laughed Kurgen stepping closer. "You have choosen your path," said the boy swinging the blade only to have it stop in midswing. Kurgen just shrug and smiled as he kicked the brat directly in the stomach. "I am Kurgen, Bringer of Peace, I have come for my gladius," said Kurgen moving over to the boy. "You said the gladius could change to any weapon?" questioned the boy on which a nod was the answer," try this weapon then. FIRE OF EREAL!" The gladius began its normal shift and then the room was engulfed in flames. "Kurgen dies today!" The room filled entirely with flames and then they died away and all was silent.


The two bodies still were hot to the touch but he paid no heed. He just picked up the gladius and left. He just walked and walked passing citizens starving and preparing to die. The children did run this time but not because of his reputation. The cloak of magic he wore had protected him, but was now just tattered rags across his body. He may have lived, but his flesh had been burned severely and he couldn't feel his right leg at all. He knew his destination though, after days of walking nonstop he arrived on the coast. "Dycrus, heed my prayer, take it back!" yelled the burnt form of Kurgen as he slung the gladius out in the direction of the sea. "It is finished," said the tired form falling over into the sea.


"The greatest of warriors that has ever served Dycrus was he, Kurgen killer of men, savior or more. He lived with the power of the people and suffered great pain that no other should. If ye read this and see a man who is burnt and wears the remains of a green cloak of magic, do not jeer him or pity him. Instead I god of peace implore you to tend his needs and provide him shelter. For those who help peace shall find peace." thus was the new inscription on the ruined temple deep in the Blackroot mountains awaiting a time when people would return to the old ways.

Thus Kurgen is removed from the annuals of Midlight History, but what of the gladius?

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