The Harbor's Battle

By GreenDaleIV

A long time ago, before Iridine, was a small village standing, it was known as Cataene, then it was changed to Vatallun. This is how Vatallun was born...

My army walked on the clearing, a battle had sprung, more aestivans were taking over the village, slaughtering our kind. Our army was only a group of people that decided to end this attack. We were losing hard. That battle lost us 87 villiger and soldiers, that's almost have the remaining villigers.
One day, right when a battle was warming up at the clearing, a young girl was there, maybe 16, I told her to leave but she stade, I odered her, but she stade.
'We not need one more death in this war, go home where it's safe' I looked concerned. She took out a silver gladius and ignored me. A surprise attack came at the moment.
I quickly ran for my axe, I grabbed it and charged the aestivans, men felled from all over. I sliced at the chest of one. Then I saw the girl surounded, I gasped, she smiled at me and sliced at them all with one circling swipe, they all fell. I looked in amazment as she finnished them off, an aestivan grabbed his short bow and shot at one of my men, he was slain instantly. I swapped the bowman's head off, it troppled to the side. I grabbed for a javelin and threw it at another man, I noticed the girl, she was slaying 3 times as many as I.
The war was over a little later, this was the first time we won in months.
I took back what I said to the girl. She smiled at me. I walked away to count the deaths, 7 that was it, 7. How in the world could one girl make such a diffrence as 80 people?
We went on with that girl on our side. We won battle after battle. They had nearly givin up...until I saw them at the harbor, they were burning the house that the young girl lived in, they broke in, I heard death in my head, a lady screamed and a man yelped, I shut my eyes and ran to the men. Axe in hand and blood in throat, I reached the men and slaughtered all that came my way, there were thousands and thousands that arrived. i kiled many, but a lot turned there backs to me and laughed, I saw what they were laughing at...
It was a young, 16 year old girl with a silver gladius in her hand, a trikkle of blood on her chest and a very pale face. Blood wrath came to me!, right then and there. My army came to the battle and fought around, they were battling better than ever, slaying 10 in 5 seconds at times. It was only a minute into the battle and all ready then scores were starting to even out.
Suddenly a huge wave crashed harbor, all men were lost, but i grabbed ground and made it barely back to shore. I saw 2 surviving aestivans charging at me. I dodged one and the other sniped my left arm. I thought all hope was lost when one man bared me down to the ground, when suddenly a horde of villigers jumped from a trench and charged the men, I got up while the men were stunned, watching the heap of villiger, blood wrath hit me again and I gave mighty punch to one of the men, he fell unconsious, the other man wacked me with his staff, stabbing me in the gut. I impacted the bow, and just as I was about to fall faward, he knocked me into the water. I treaded water while the man got his companions battle axe, I climbed up and accidently stabbing my hand into a hook, it went right through the flesh in to the hand itself and out the other side. I screamed in pain, The man took no further ado and swiped at my head with the battle axe. It troppled into the deeps of the water, and my beheaded body lay hanging from the hook that peirced through it. The villigers attacked the man with anything you'd fine in a house, stakes, kitchen knives, curtain bars, anything and everything. The man went black and blue with in seconds, and the unconsious man dies by one hurl of a knife, not a villiger was lost and that man who slew got served a brutal death, 'till he entered the eternal life.
Cataene lived free for senturies after that, not because of the army, but because of the men women and children they were saving...

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