Gladiator's Tale: A Minor Dispute

By Drexus Creshiando

They stood there drinking happily that night.

"Good fight", cried out Elivan, "You din' even get a scratch"

A young warrior smirked, "was hardly a worthy battle." He turned his head, and began dreaming.

"What's wrong my friend? You look as if a cineran warlord just asked you to be his bride!" Elivan smiled at his friend, waving an overwhelmingly large mug high in the air. "You just became a full blooded gladiator! Gadaene pride should be flowin' through that sorrow face of yers."

The young man smiled, "Yeah I guess...."

Elivan sneered at his friend, "C'mon Vertus, you act like a S...o...s...t...e...r...a...n..." He threw the mug over to his friend's side. "Honestly, sometimes I don't know what's up with you, bet it's a G U R L "

Laughing wholeheartedly Vertus smiled over at his friend, "You never did know how to spell."

"Well I'm right aren't I"

"Hmm... like I'd tell you again", laughingly.

"Hey now, I only stole ya girl once. N' trust me, you shoulda considered it a favor." Elivan shuddered slightly, "For such a pretty face the resta her sure was ugly."

Vertus hardly had a chance to reply before a loud shout came from the crowd, "You, you're the one that cost me my day's earnings!" A surly looking drunkard approached the table quickly, reeking of posca and ale, "I bet against you, n' then I lose my money to some upstart punk!" The surly stranger looked around drunkenly before spitting in Vertus's face.

"Hey old man", Vertus said as he pushed the stranger back, "I've hardly the worries to care about your bet's." Vertus turned away, "C'mon Elivan, let's leave this drunk to his worries"

The friends took from their seats tossing a few denar at the innkeeper.

"Not so fast!" They turned around toward the burly man again. "I still got a score to settle here ya punk!"

Vertus laughed to his friend, "Ooh, the ol' drunk has a score ta settle with me."

Elivan laughed lightly.

The stranger sneered, "Fine, let's see how you fight without that fancy whip o' yers." A faint glimmer came from the man's side; light reflected from a crude but still lethal dagger.

"Hey now old man, this isn't the time or the place ta be doin' this." Elivan slowly began to step away.

"Shut up you, it's your friend that owes me", the stranger smirked at Vertus, "that pouch of yers looks nice. Think I'll take it for m'self"

The stranger lunged forth at Vertus's waist with his knife.

"I don't think so OLD man." Vertus spun around to the side, throwing his elbow down hard on the man's back. "You're too drunk to fight me, armed or otherwise." Vertus's hand dropped down to his waist as he reached for his whip.

"Boy you'll hand me that money yet." The stranger gazed around in desperation, his eyes glancing over at Elivan in the corner.

"Hey, leave me outta this ye old coot" Elivan headed towards the door but was stopped short.

"Now just drop your money and leave, or your little buddy here gets it!"

"That's not right now...", Vertus glanced over at his friend. "Hey Elivan remember our childhood", giving a slight tap to his whip.

Elivan grinned slightly, "Ereal have mercy on the fool!" Then with a quick twist Elivan turned his head to the side.

The crude dagger fell to the floor as the stranger's hands clenched to his face, "Bloody Hell!". The man fell to the floor in pain.

"You do know that one day you're gonna mess that up and knock my eye out." Elivan smiled to Vertus as they left.

"Yeah, but only after you steal another girl from me" Vertus turned his head to the innkeeper before heading out the door, "Do make sure to get this guy sober."

And with that the two left for home, laughing about the night.

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