The Future Greatest

By Quintarius Maxim

A young man walked through the streets of Iridine one night. He was a young man, unexperienced, strong, fast, brave, and, sadly, egotistical. Just another of thousands of man and woman, who came to this city searching for wealth and greatness. But he felt special, dont we all? He felt he was going to be on top in days, that fate would lead him to his wealth and greatness, like many of himselves before. But he was a mouthy gent, and decided to act and speak on his greatness, instead of keeping his dreams a simple silent hope, like so many before him.

Get out of here! This is my stake! This is my game! said Roquirious. Why do I? inquired Joganan. Our hero is found hunting in the sewers, where he walks in on another mans kill, attacking it, an unspoken mortal sin of Iridines hunters. This is my kill, my stake! Thats my osecar! You damned thief! Get over it, its just an animal.
Its an unwritten rule that you leave peoples areas ALONE!
Hey, I wright the rules.
Since when did YOU wright the rules?
The fight contuinued for a while, and Roquirious did not attack Joganan, but gave him a stern look.
Hey, one day, Im going to be the best. Just you wait.
Soon, the battle was over, and Roquarious turned towards Joganan.
You keep opening that lip, and thine ego will kill you.
Get over it, its just a bird. Just you wait, one day, Ill be the best.
Joganan simply left, and Roquarious stood there. He took little notice of his comments, Roquarious, and almost took pitty through his anger of his lost kill. He knew that he would not make it long through life.
The next day, Joganan was still feeling big. He decided he would go to the alleys for training that night.
Get off my kill! I have this place begon! said Utepe.
Its nothing, said Joganan.
It take determination and patience to get a good spot in the alleys, said Sorririous. The two friends had been hunting in the alleys for hours, with only a thug or 2 brutes to show.
Its an unspoken law to take other peoples places, said Utepe in a sad tone.
I live by my own law, said Joganan, So leave off!
You know how fast I could kill you,? said Sorririous, Your an ant to us.
Ill be the greatest one day, youll see. said Joganan.
Hey Sorririous! Remember your friend telling us about this guy? This Big and mighty guy who will become the greates?
Oh yes! YOu know, he could have killed this guy on his own! Yes, Requarious, he is only practiced, but he couldve made mince-meat out of this guy! Hed be sport to us!
The thug fell unconsious, and Utepe killed him with a stroke of his alanti gladius. Utepe turned and smiled at Joganan.
Ill be the best one day, , said Joganan Just you wait!
Utepe and Sorririous began to laugh, and pointed at Joganan as he left. Joganan just smiled a big, wide smile, and left, also laughing. He knew hed be the greatest someday.

In a week, after Iridine became accostomed to Joganans constant braggings, the egotistical young man went to the portal, to prove his salt. Hey young man! Whatd you doing in the portal? said Yougelse.
Im here to train to become the best. Soon, youll see, Ill be the best.
The old man laughed, and laughed. Few men in Iridine would dare give him a dirty look, less insult him. He was the best of all Iridine. He knew so much, he had to teach himself new tactics, because he knew everyone elses. The toughest of carrior birds were no match for Yougelse.

Dont laugh. Ill be the best. You watch out. said Joganan in a flaunting way. Yougelse laughed even harder, he amost fell done from pain of his sides. A carrion bird came in. Yougelse soon approached it, and began to attack it. Joganan, of course, began to join in. Yougelse stopped his attack, and let Joganan take his turn. Joganan began to be punished for breaking that un-important rule of taking others game, without the warrior Yougelse breaking a written one. When Joganan fell unconsious, Yougelse attacked the bird, and killed it in two hits. Lauging, he drug Joganan to Vale, leaving him in a much safer place.
A baby alligator crawled up on shore, then killed Joganan, while he was unconsious. The great Joganan. Just then, another new warrior approached. He took the armor Joganan stole from his former collegues kills, and stood motionless.

Fool. Failure, you are nothing like me, for one day I will become the greatest.

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