Flance's Dream, Part I

By Exacuter

He doesnt quit remember the day,but, Flance None was one of the many members of the richest people in altene, his parents were snots and his siter was exactly the same. He wanted to roam the alleys of altene and one day move to iridine to become a soldier of the city of iridine. He decided to first finish his acidemics in altene. When he finaly finished he ran away from home. He ran and ran . He ran into cineran soldiers. He thought to himself "what am i to do?" Flance pulled out his quarterstave, and for being one of the greatest stave user's in Altene he fought. He bashed some faces in and thought he was victorious untill, CRACK! the sound of his arm breaking was not a good sighn to Flance, He turned around to see a cineran officer, The cineran officer used his quarterstave like a long club and brought it down on Flance's head and knocked him uncouncius. The next thing flance remembers is waking up to a horrid pain. His head was being tended by a young women. "what is your name?" she asked.

"Flance None, from the lands of altene." He replied

"Well Flance, your lucky my father had mercie for you, other wise he would have killed you." She said.

Flance grined and sat up in the hay matress set in the corner of a jail cell. the smell of vomit and human waste filled the nostriles of flance and almost made him vomit.

"We are in war with iridine right now." said the girl.

"Wait, i have told you my name, but have not heard yours. What is it?" Flance asked.

"Alura Claysom" She smiled

From afar was the sound of a grated jail door opening. In walked a Tall musculler man with a tan complexion, he had a large nose and thin lips.

"Father!" Alura said.

"Alura! I have grave news. The soldiers of iridine have slaughterd almost all of my footmen, i need some more recruits."

By surprise a group of iridine soldiers rushed into the jail. One soldier was able to slip by Aluras father. He looked at flance and spit at him. The iridine soldier lifted his quarterstave up, and when it was about to fall apon flance's head Alura got in the way. SNAP! The iridine soldier was able to break Alura's neck, she twitched and died instantly. For some reason Flance had been enraged of his nurs's death that he grabed the Iridine's soldiers quarterstave from his hand with all his might. when flance had turned to check on Alura's father, he had already takinen out the other iridine soldiers. Only one remained. Flance raised the quarterstave and in a quick blink had killed the Iridine soldier.

Aluras father fell on his kneese and quit the Cineran sildiers. Aluras father picked up Alura and took her away. This was flance's chance to excape! Flance ran, he ran out of cinera as fast as he could and surprisingly was not seen. He reached Vetullun and he knew he was in iridine. He decided to head in a south western direction and found himself lost in the dark forest's of iridine. Flance heard footsteps behind him, He truned around and saw Alura's father, beeing followd by a band of cineran heavy's.

Flance ran up to the officer and said "Sir please, may i join your ranks as a cineran heavy?"

Aluras father grunted. "You must show me your greatness" Aluras father picked a heavy out of his band. Flance and the heavy got into this match pretty good. Bruises after bruises then, Flance got mad and he struck down on the heavy's neck and snaped his spine. The heavy fell to the ground and died instantly.

"Welcome to my ranks lad" said Aluras father.

Though it was Flance's dream to become a iridine soldier, he decided to join the Cineran ranks. This is not the end of Flance........ YET.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our great story FLANCE'S FINAL DREAM!

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