A Thief's Final Day

written by Amarad

"I got some promises ta keep, n' miles ta go 'fore I sleep", Amarad read the final words on the parchment he had taken from the body. He sighed, knowing full well what he had done, but in the larger picture this was but a grain of sand on an endless beach. "Why'd ya 'ave ta go n' get killed then eh?", he sneered as he give the corpse of the thief a swift kick that sent it flying several feet into a wall. Again he felt the pain and anger inside, the desperate rage at how "unfair" life is, but this time he felt pity. A clawing, groping feeling that made him uneasy....

He roared, "Dammit! It's not 'sposed ta be dis way!"

He pondered on what had happened. The townie had been satiating his greed, and this was his punishment, he told himself. He heard the cry for help in his mind, a desperate cry from another town rat. "This man has taken my money! How will I ever feed my children!"

That didn't bother him, he knew life was rough, he hated how those who don't deserve it are always the victim, but he lived in quiet acceptance of this horrid truth. Finally, he could see the alledged thief several strides away from where he was resting. "What tha 'ell, I'll take care a dis fer ya..."

"Many thanks!"

He stepped into the fool's path, blocking his route out of the city. The thief was quick, he had almost maneuvered the whole way around him before he could even grab his gladius. "Fancy moves ya got thar townie, but yer nothin.", he snickered. The thief was obviously enraged by what he had said. "How dare you block my way, you don't know anything!". "I know yer a fool n' a town rat, n' yer gonna get it in tha end either way." He took a deep stride inward towards the thief, bringing his gladius in a wide upward arch designed to cleave a man in two. He had slipped out of the way before it could connect. He drew a small blade, a dagger with a serrated edge, wet with blood. Amarad snickered, he loved it when they had a little kick in them. The man lunged for his throat, Amarad threw him aside with a motion of his gladius. The thief felt the cool run of Alanti run along his fingers, slicing them deeply and forcing the weapon from his hand. He barely managed the scream that followed. Amarad took a broad step to the side and let loose a wild slash at the stunned man. The townie winced as his elbow was smashed by the impact. "Well, thar we 'ave it. Mr. 'igh n' Greedy goes down like tha rest."

"You don't understand! They never do! I stole it... but....."

He took the opportunity, taking a handfull of dirt from the street with his un-mangled hand, he threw it into the barbarian's face. He ducked back away from the snarling figure and began to run. Almost.... almost free... The shock hit him like the plague. The cool metal dug deep into his waist. He could feel his legs no more and dropped face down to the ground. "Damn you....", he gasped. Amarad stood over him, blotting out the sun and staring down upon him. "This is 'bout far as ya go thar." For the first time today, Amarad felt the cold metal and seering pain enter his body. The thief had jabbed his knife deep into the brute's ankle. He snarled, and in a rage, plunged his gladius through the townie's neck as he dropped to his knees.

Removing the dagger, he relinquished a plea for help to the people of Midlight, along with the news of the thief's fate. "Thank you for getting my money back sir!" He could only snarl at what he had done. He searched the body, finding the said stolen goods, along with various other objects and equiptment, most likely stolen as well. One thing in particular caught his eye.... A small piece of parchment wrapped in well oiled leather in his neckpouch. He took it from it's place and began to read:

"Dear Mielony,

The money that is accompanying this note should be enough to sustain you in your current condition untill I can fully provide for you. Do not worry where the money came from, it is yours now, a little gift from me. I will not abandon you in your time of need, and you will never be "a burden" to me. I have gained much skill in the art of fighting and perhapts I will be able to better protect you in the future, so this will not happen again.

This is hard to say, so I will write it... I love you.

Good luck, may you recover from your injuries quickly."

"Truly love,"


"'e was goin' ta give it ta 'is girl...." the words hit him like the shock of thunder on the plains. "What have I done?"

"Get yer money, I'm tired a' this." He sent out one last thought before he sulked off to think.

He cried out into the open sky, "~ROAR!~"

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