Exile of the Moon Worshipers

by Reshan

At the beginning of Iridine's recorded history (1-48), Tulca was king of Iridine. At this time, there were two main religions in Iridine. The first, sun worshipping, was widely accepted, and praised Ereal. The second was more evil, and these people worshipped the moons.

Moon worshipping was practiced by some in the city, and those who worshipped the moons were hated by the res of the city. Shortly after Tulca became king, he saw the problems this was causing. He outlawed moon worshipping, and the moon worshippers were hunted down...

The few moon worshippers who continued to practice there religion were hunted down by the followers of Ereal and either banished from the kingdom, or put to death for their beliefs. This lack of freedom of religion still exists today as followers of the moon, Ravan, are widely hated and attacked.

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