The Constables

By Cladius Maximus

While sitting in my hunting area rather annoyed that one man was getting all the game, I was thinking over some past events on the subject of my job as a constable recruit. I remembered tracking down someone, asking them kindly, a few times, to give up, and having them spit in my face. I swept him, asked im again, he stood, I knocked him out. Simple. Well, not really.
A constable does not simply run around beating up people all day. He spends most of his time answering cries for help or breaking up arguments that shouldn't even be arguments at all. Most of the time, one gets spit on, cursed at, and even attempted to be attacked. When we take action to defend ourselves or others around us, we get criticized. We must take it all and walk away, that is why you'll find most of us, even me, in a foul mood very often.
Another thing we must del with is the threat of death. I was informed as a new recruit that every constable is a marked man. We all challenege death all day and beat it back most of the time. The reason being, we protect the law. Some people don't like the law. Simple.
Lastly, when engaging with any conflict or arrest. There is always a way for a person to try and escape. They can run, they can try and fight, they can try and talk there way out of it. None of these ways is liked at all. You broke the law, you are warranted, as of that moment most of your rights (if you have any) are gone. You have to realize that. If you try and flee, you will be forced to submit. It's our duty.
Everyone in Iridine who can hold a club or stave, and is not a thief, would love to be a constable. I encourage it. I'm glad I did it. It's the greatest thing I have done. It teaches you skills you would never get anywhere else and also allows you to protect the Republic and save the innocent while bringing the bad to justice. As an added bonus, you get to hear and learn curse words in every language ;-). I lvoe my job, and if you did what I do day in and day out, you'd come to understand and love what I do.
Cladius Maximus

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