Cheer for Me

By Drexus Creshiando

I am free, yet I fight among slaves.
For lack of the desire I could sail the world,
But that would not sate my thirst.

I fight for the glory, for recognition,
While most of my brethren would fight for life itself.
My desires are simple, Cheer for me.

Sadistic some would say,
An unnecessary fight they would call it.
But no, I am truly gentle in person,
For my life as well is in your hands.

True my flesh will not taste of Ravan's grip,
At least not in the Colosseum, I am paid for,
And I am too big an investment to simply die.

But should I be hated, should my skill be lacking,
I will disappear from the Sands of my desire.
No longer will I hear the roar of the crowd,
I will lose all purpose, and thus I will die.

My soul lies on bloodstained sands,
That is where I am truly alive, and so I ask,
That it would let me battle for but one more day,
Cheer for me.

~from the private journals of Drexus Creshiando, written upon achieving his dream of becoming a gladiator~

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