My Brother Dove is dead

By GreenDaleIV

'Stay here, sit down and practise your healing, you will not go to the battle field, you understand?' Serdius said to Dove.
'But it's my dream to fight in a battle, you can't stop me!' Dove replied downinly.
Serdius sighed 'Have you ever seen a man with a spear stuck in his throat who only had 10 seconds to live? have you ever seen a shaft go as fast as the wind stich through a man's forehead and out the other side wounding another? have you ever seen and axe behead a man, and then watch the head roll to your feet? you have not and you will not, now sit down and study Dove, you are a healer to tend the ones that go to war, you will make more of a diffrence that way!' Serdius gasped for air.
Dove looked sad 'fine,' he muttered.
Later that night when Serdius was fast asleep, Dove snuck out. He wandered the streets and found a torch on the ground, he picked it up and lit it. Wait, he was not too late, there was a battle in Iridine from the monlon soldiers in a few hours, he headed to Iridine.
He wandered the streets for about and hour and then noticed a quaterstave on the ground. Great, he thought and picked it up. His torch fickered and was almost out. He knew he was close to Iridine now. His torch went out, oh great, that was perfect. He kept walking, feeling his way north, he heard a scream. He went in that direction. Soon he came upon torches and weapons and a few carcasses that he did not want to look at, the battle was here, he thought, it was here, he heard a scream from the northeast and instantly he ran the way. When he arrived he saw men falling from all over. He hesitated but then dove into the battle. He jabbed his quaterstave at an Iridine man and the man swung his sword at Dove. Dove ducked and and hit the man again, right in the neck, the man fell dead. Dove gasped and turned away. Bad move, another young Iridine man charged up and slew him with with his gladius, Dove fell on the ground, with blood dripping from his chin and a trickle from his mouth, he saw a spear go threw him making it so he couldn't get up, he had 10 seconds to live, that was it.
The next morning, Serdius got out of bad and went to wake Dove, instead of Dove he saw a note by his bed saying 'gone to fight'. Serdius widened his eyes in hesitation, then emidiatly put on his boot and his ammor, got his bronze axe and jumped outside, he ran to the battle field as fast as he could. When he got the he saw dead bodies everywhere, he came across Doves body, a spear in his back and dry blood around his mouth and chin. Serdius gasped.
Hours past and he still watched Dove's carcass, finally he headed north, to Iridine, he had deep vengence in his eyes. He arrived at Iridine after dusk. He headed to the jail. When he arrived the evening was gone, it was very dark. He entered the constables headquaters and looked at a constable. He wielded his bronze axe in hir right hand and slowly approaxhed the constable, he amidiatly swung his axe causing the constable to loose ballance, he swung again giving the constable a bad bruise in the head, the constable swung his club, hitting Serdius in the shoulder, Serdius swung his axe as mighty as he could, his eyes turned blood-red, he sliced the club in half, the constable dropped the club, and reached for his dirk, but it was too late, he fell unconsious, Serdius grabbed his keys and opened the door to the jail, 3 thieves ran out and ran out of the building all togather without even thanking Serdius. Serdius sighed before heading to the Perry inn.
He got to the Perry inn and fell asleep. Soldiers looked at him while he was asleep, one said 'thaut's the one who freed the thieves and beat the constable, we'd best show him that it's not good to mess with Iridine' the soldier grinned and waited for Serdius to awake.
When Serdius awoke he found 5 soldiers surounding him, he jumped up and swung his axe beating one badly, he swung at another, and slew him, his eyes turned blood-red 'this is for all the trouble monlon's had in the past' he yelled and beheaded a soldier 'this is for the battle 2 nights ago where my friends died' he slit anothers throat. 'and this' he yelled but then paused, is for Dove' he spun around slicing at the again and again until they were all dead. Fern watched Serdius, she asked a man to disract Serdius, so he jumped infront of Serdius and dodged about, while Fern loaded her bow and aimed at Serdius, she shot at him, the shaft shot straight at his head and out the other side, Fern said to the carcass of Serdius 'vengience is never a good thing' she left him the and walked on. Serdius learned a valuble lesson that day, though it was too late...

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