Becoming Someone

By Razlin Light

In his thought's, voices of pain and agony of those that perished in the few days. He had never heard such pain in his whole time during his visit to this city of Iridine. He walked with the warriors, but never held his head high. He walked with the scum, but never looked down at them. He was just a person, as he'd thought many would be. He soon found that wrong, as he wandered the many roads, and alleys he'd known to become home.
He sat at the Toga and joked with friends, walked around, helping as best he could, to become a someone. He did his deed, as it had been done before him, but his deed was never good enough. Those he wanted to impress, seemed to look away. Those he wanted to win the hearts of, seemed to forget him, so he left. He had died inside his outer shell, and saw the person he'd become, and noticed he started to die on the outside also.
He binged with ale, and cursed at all. He fought with the constables, and began to cause a ruckus. He left, letting his anger and frustration get the best of him. His few friends he had, seemed to care less and less. He soon was a man, with no love, no tenderness, no heart! He walked the streets at night causing pain to the weak to satisfy himself. His name was on the list, both to help and forget.
He found a new home, one with room aplenty. He wandered there, training all days to someday show up all those that thought themselves better. Aye, they were better in the art of fighting, but, how would they be in the art of loneliness, one art he was accustomed to? Day by day he grew stronger, and soon felt better with himself. He became friendlier, and a little more peaceful. Yes, he still had his dark side, but if you don't think that you don't, then you are the truer evil.
He came out of his home, and did his errands. He said hello, to those that he actually cared about, then he headed back to his home. He decided, it would be a day to clean and relax, and train a little. What he soon found, was more than he bargained for. He fought, with all his might he could muster, until he could no longer hold his sword, and fell to the ground with a solid THUD! He prayed for his sins, and soon his soul was cleansed from the inside out. As he drew his last breath, he spoke one word, "Love!"
He was soon with Ereal, watching at how his body would be handled. He watched as someone came and looted his dead body of all it's armor. That was to be given to his true and only friend, but know, was not to happen. He watched, as some found his body, and began to cry over him. Who was he to have pity poured onto him? He was a no one, he didn't save the city, didn't get that final kill. He was touched when they carried him off like a someone and sent his body to the pyre. He watched in awe as people he didn't know came, and cried over his body, and then with their final prayer, sent his body to burn.
It was in that time, that he felt truly touched, and truly blessed. It was then that a tear had began forming in his eye, and as he shed it, it began to slightly rain in Iridine that day.

~~Razlin Light~~

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