Battle Log, Entry 5

By DeltaIce

I awoke in my tent to a low rumbling sound. I ran outside of my tent noticing it was still dark outside. In the distance I noticed many flickering torch lights below the lights I noticed a group of around 200 soldiers. I figured they could be the reinforcements I ordered from Sostaera because they were very early. Just then one of the lookouts sounded the alarm. ìWho is it?î I yelled,
ìItís looks to be 200 Gadaene soldiers, sir!î responded the lookout.
I noticed some soldiers going to other tents making sure the everyone was getting ready as I quickly ran into my tent and suited up. I knew it was going to be a long hard battle because we were outnumber almost 2 to 1. I grabbed my fangstave hand headed out. ìEveryone out of your tents now! I want squad 1 guarding the right flank, squad 2 guarding the left flank and squads 3 and 4 guarding the front of the camp, everyone into your lines now!î I could hear the soldiers running into their positions. Then there was a few minutes of silence. After about four minutes I could hear yelling from the Gadaene lines, then they charged, after getting into range out archers in squad 3 let out a very deadly barrage of arrows. I seen a good number of soldiers falling to the ground after the first barrage of arrows but most of the soldiers were still charging, It didnít take long for the enemy to get to my front lines. I dismounted my horse and wielded my fangstave, I ran into the oncoming enemy. I noticed they were using a head on tactic and yelled for squads 1 and 2 to hook around and come in on the enemyís rear allowing the enemy no escape if we were successful. As I was running I came face to face with a Gadaene sergeant and shoved my fangstave into his face killing him instantly. I removed my fangstave and turned to my left, I had just barely enough time to dodge the incoming swordsman as he lunged at me. I jumped out of the way and held my fangstave out to trip him, he ran into my fangstave and tripped, it was just then I noticed it was a friend of mine from Altene who was a Gadaene lieutenant, putting the nationality aside I raised my fangstave as I heard him say, ìTon, no...î while I brought my fangstave down on his neck slitting his throat. I took my now fangstave which was now covered in blood and looked for another target. I look around noticing the enemy was taking heavy casualties but were still outnumbering my forces. I felt a hard blow to my lorica and almost lost my balance, I turned around to see a boison gladius coming towards my neck, I quickly ducked and kicked the attacking soldier in the stomach knocking him to the ground, as I raised my fangstave and brought it down towards the soldierís face, but the soldier was quick enough to recover and roll out of the way. He took his gladius and hit me in the leg, the shot was blocked by one of my greaves but I was knocked to the ground by the power of the blow, still holding my fangstave tightly as the soldier raised his gladius I sprung up shoving my fangstave under his lorica and into his chest much like baiting a fishing pole with a worm except the hook was my fangstave. It took some strength to yank the fangstave from the corpse. I looked around the battlefield noticing both sides were taking heavy casualties, my forces were down to around 20 soldiers and the enemy still had around 50. I was so distracted by the battle I didnít even notice the sun rising, through the sounds of the battle I could hear another low rumbling noise, I looked at the hill where the noise was coming as I noticed a large force of around 400 Sostaerans charging down the hill, I heard the lookout yell, ìSir, the reinforcements have arrived!î I noticed the look on one of the enemy soldierís face as he seen our soldiers running down the hillside. The enemy now being heavily outnumbered surrendered to my forces. Later on that week I was awarded a medal of bravery from the Sostaeran royal family.

Captain/Altene Mercenary Ton Hood

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