The Astraean Conflict

By Aeran

III. The Astraean Conflict

Soon, as the times progressed, he planned to lay seige on Astraea. The seige began well for him, he starved them into submission, poisoned their grain supply, cut off their water supply through a dam on the north fork of the Invex River. Soon the Aestivans entered into our affairs, and I was not willing to help them. I ordered them killed immediatly within our camp. Nimue could see that the Aestivans were only trying to help and yelled at me to set them free. I was too moved in my goals to listen, yet she cared so much for my safety now since my recent illness. She grabbed a knife and killed the executioner, while simultaneously loosening the rope that bound them. I ordered my guards, yet she escaped with them and a century with her to the Aestivan camps. I now recognized my love as my enemy, and ordered all ranks to look out for our new enemy, Nimue. My slave woman, Aurelia, took note of this. Soon, a few days later with our catupults in place we layed siege on Astraea. The city was practically destoryed one more day would win it. So a good sleep I had that night......
Troubles were brewing. Nimue had cared very deeply for me, and my bellicose behavior veiled my reason, that she cared for my safety. So that night, Nimue snuck into our camp. A master of stealth she was, quickly getting to my tent. I was feeling very bad, moaning and tossing. She then went outside. "Aurelia, quickly we must get Aeran out of here, he needs a healer." said Nimue. "Mistress Nimue, I will help you, but let me take a look at your leg." said Aurelia. Nimue, knowing her leg was fine, allowed Aurelia to approach her. Aurelia then took out a dagger and stabbed Nimue in the leg, rendering her nearly immortal. Nimue with hatred in her eye reached for her sword, but then Aurelia yelled, "Dartanian, Nimue is here to kill Aeran!" Dartanian now came rushing and with sword in hand they fought. They were both equal in skill, yet neither equalled my combat experience. Nimue with her leg wound gushing crimson innocence, was knocked to the ground. Then Nimue with her sword cut Dartanian's leg. Dartanian and Nimue continued to fight, each limping and tired. Then Nimue slashed with her sword towards Dartanian and missed, but Dartanian on the rebound from her attack, grabbed her arm, and bashed the pommel into her skull. She was conscious, but truly immobile now. Dartanian then raised, and stabbed the sword into her heart, soon after twisting it. Blood flowed from her mouth as she died. At the same time, Aurelia had got me through much maneuvering onto a wagon. I still could not see the commotion but felt terribble and heard screams as our camp was burned by the Aestivans, angered by Nimue's death. Nimue raised her head in her last attempt whispering "Aeran.........." to me, as my eye slowly opened to see her faint image in the background. Aurelia had subsequently told me that Nimue had been killed by other soldiers, but a guard of mine told me the real story later.

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