The Chronicles Of Arincar Delfril Part 3

By Arincar

Chapter 3 The Journey Begins What Are you doing in my house may I ask?? He said in a calm voice trying to catch his breath. I, uh, I was was just passing by and I heard a scream and I came to see what it was, The door was unlocked and I found you sleeping, You were talking about someone dieing and I?m sorry I shouldn?t have came in..? Letting out a sigh, Arincar let the girl to her feet and sat on the edge of his bed, ? No harm done, At least your not a thief,... Even if you are you wont find but 12 denar in the house, I have nothing of value except what my parents left me?

Left you?? the girl asked as if she had not understood

Your parents left you here by yourself, Why would they...?

They are dead? he said cutting her off,

I ment thats all I have left from them, They are gone.

He looked at the ground trying not to think about what he was talking about but nothing seemed to work, I must be a wuss, He thought to himself as the tears streamed down his face. I am so sorry, I didnt mean to upset you. She said trying to comfort him. I know how you feel, I lost my father too, He died in a battle against the Cinerans, He was in the Legion, I miss him so much, Now I live on the street, My mother went crazy when she found out and burnt down our house and with herself in it. She looked a little pale. I am sorry I will be going now. Wait? Arincar said as he looked up from the floor, If you have no place to stay, Please stay here, Its a bit cold outside and It has been pretty lonely all by myself, It would be nice to have someone to talk to.

She smiled and gave him a hug, Thank you so much, I dont have much but I will find a way to repay you, I... Please you owe me nothing, Your company is payment enough. He smiled and walked into the common room of the house and stoked the fire, the Flames danced and reached up as if trying to escape through the chimney. Spreading out a blanket on the floor he sat down in front of the fire place and looked back to the doorway to his room. Gesturing to the blanket, please make yourself comfortable, and by the way, Whats your name.? he asked with a slight smile. They call me Enrika? she said sitting down on the blanket beside him. and yours?? Oh, sorry, I am Arincar, Its a pleasure to met you, Enrika? pulling her hand up and kissing it lightly. 'tis a very pretty name it is? Trying not to blush Enrika turned toward the fire place and stared into the flames as if entranced. With one hand she covered her neck were a small silver chain hung with a pendant in the shape of the symbol of Ereal lay on her bare chest. Long moments passed and nothing was said and suddenly the door Shattered, splintering from the hinges. Two dark Figures stood at the threshold obscured by the blackness which was night. Enrika let out a panicked scream and reached for a dagger hidden in her clothing. With lightning reflexes the dagger sliced through the air and found it mark in one of the figures chest. With a look of surprise the second man charged through the door revieling his Identity and tackled Arincar, knocking him to the floor. You knew we would come for you Arincar. The man Hissed in a raspy voice. Its time you came to serve your master. His eyes had a slight red glow around them and his breath stank Posca. A long scar ran from his eye down his cheek and across his neck. Raising up his gladius he brought it down in a powerful thrust aimed right for Arincars chest. Quickly he rolled away from the blade and jumped to his feet. With a wicked laugh the man turned on Arincar bringing his gladius around in a wide arc barley catching his clothing as he rocked back on his feet and hit the wall. Bringing up his leg he kicked out connecting with the mans thigh throwing him off balance. In the brief second the man was off guard Arincar ran for his fathers Shield. What are you going to do with that? The main said laughing. My blade will make short work of you and that shield. Grabbing the hilt with both hands the man chopped down at his head only to be deflected by the heavy shield. Again he chopped down driving Arincar back towards the wall. and again and again. Under the extreme force from the mans blows Arincars knees started to buckle and he dropped down to the floor, Shield held over his head in a desperate attempt to block the heavy sword. From the doorway a dagger flew in from the darkness planting itself deep in the aggressors arm. The Gladius dropped from his hand and Arincar rose to his feet once again bringing his shield around in a a low arc catching the mans knee sending him reeling to the floor. Looking down on his opponent Arincar turned the edge of the shield at his skull bringing it straight down with all his might. The impact resounded in the mans Bronze helm and a sickening crack came from beneath as his neck snapped in two. Shaking like a leaf in the wind Arincar looked down at the man at his feet, his body lifeless as streams of blood ran through the cracks in the loose floor boards. From the doorway a Scream filled the night air, ?Arincar Help!!!?. It was Enrika. Out the door into the night Arincar looked at the Street. It was Empty save for a dagger laying on the ground. ?Enrika? He called out. No answer. ?Enrika, Where Are you?. A muffled scream came from down a dark alley. Pausing for a moment Arincar ran back in the house grabbing a half burning log and pursued down the alley. Beggars and Urchins looked up as he sped past them not knowing what was happening. Ahead of him the Alley took an abrupt left turn.... dead end. ?Enrika? He called out once more. the log he was holding as a makeshift torch popped with a loudness, startling him, he jumped and dropped the torch. He watched it as the fire fizzled out after landing in a muddy puddle. ?damn it? ha said out loud to himself. The alley was dead quiet then suddenly he hear footsteps from behind him. Spinning around he saw a tall man in pitch black armor, Gladius of the same color in hand, Eyes of blood red. Behind him stood another figure in a hooded cloak. he watched as the figures hand went to push back the hood. It was Enrika. Enrika run? Arincar yelled as he rushed in towards the man with his shield raise. A maniacal laugh Echoed down the alley way. ?Do you trust everyone you meet?? Enrika said over the harsh laughter. Arincar stopped dead in his track. What, you are one of them, Then why did you help me back there?? Arincar sized up the man in front of him wondering how he would get out o the alley alive. It was a test young one, we want only the best in our ranks pity we always settle for the weakest who cannot think fort hemselves. You on the other hand have the strength and wisdom that we seek. Think of it, you in charge of your own army to crush whomever you wish, the world could be yours. Arincar looked at Enrika not believing what he had just heard. Id as soon slit my own throat then to join you and your Ravan loving lunatics, now outta my site before you suffer the same fate as those in my house.? mmmmm I just love it when you talk dirty to me? a glint of metal in the moonlight was all he saw. raising his shield the dagger reflected off and stuck in the wall. I'll Not die by you hands this night?. Rolling across the ground Arincar came up in front of the man in the black armor, thrusting his shield sideways into his chest. The man gasped as the blow knocked the wind from his lungs. He fell to his knees wheezing. A searing pain ripped through his leg as a dagger found its home deep in his thigh. He let out a cry of pain and pulled the dagger from his flesh, as blood poured freely from the wound. ?you will pay for that? He said as he threw the dagger back at Enrika. and as he did he charged full speed at her. Deftly she dodged the dagger as it flew harmlessly past her but was not quick enough to avoid Arincars shield. With the force of all his weight and the momentum of his charge he hit Enrika with the full face of the shield. the impact knocked her off her feet sending her rolling till she slammed into the alley

wall where she lay still. Inching closer Arincar noticed blood flowed from both her nose and her mouth. She was out cold. then he suddenly realized that the man was still behind him. He turned around to where the man was on his knees gasping, but the alley was empty. The night was quiet and the sounds of crickets could be heard chirping in the cool night air. He looked back at Enrika with a feeling of regret for hitting her. lowering his shield and strapping across his back he took Enrika up in his arms and carried her back to his house. As he stepped through the doorway he noticed the bodied of the dead warriors were gone, not even a trace of blood was to be found quickly he put on his armor an filled a large sack with everything of value he had. Wearing the sack he once again took up Enrika and walked out into the Night. He looked back once again at his house and lay Enrika in the street. Going back into the house he picked up a log from the fireplace as he took one last glance around. ?Mother, Father, I will always have your memories, know that I will always love you where ever you maybe? Tears flowed from his eyes as he dropped the log onto the floor setting the common room aflame, and walked back to the street. Picking up Enrika, he headed down the street. Now if I can only remember the way to the Hospice? he said looking at the puncture in his thigh. He kept walking for ten more minutes and reached the city Forums. The eastern sky started to lighten as the sun was about to rise. Large clouds filled the sky and a cool breeze swirled his hair as he sat down at a fountain. He looked down at Enrika why me?? he asked her as she lay in his arms ?why me?? He stood up, His head spinning from apparent bloodloss and his eyes went black. He saw nothing and his body went limp as he fell into unconsciousness. There he lay on the forum with Enrika still in his arms. as the life seeped out of him and into the streets. Gray mist surrounded him and distant screams filled the air. Screams of death and torture, Screams of the damned. he gazed around him but could see nothing, the ground at his feet was void of grass or plant life and a few trees stood like skeletons. A voice came from the shroud of mist. Why do you deny yourself the right to rule?? the voice asked. ?Do you not want power and fortune??. I can give you whatever you want, all you have to do is join me? came the voice again. Who are you? Arincar yelled into the mist. Why do you want me, Just leave me alone?. He looked all around him turning circles to find only himself in the mist. ?I cant do that Arincar. We need you. You need us. It is destined to be. Sooner or later we will all be servants to the one true God.? A white light came from the mist growing brighter as it surrounded him. His eyes went blurry and he tried to focus, He saw a figure standing over him. Her long blonde hair fell down over her shoulders, shimmering in the sunlight as the wind ruffled it about her. Her face was that of wisdom and she wore a broad smile. ?Welcome back young one? Her voice came to him, reassuring him he was still in the realm of the living. His eyes focused and he looked around, He was still near the fountain where he passed out where is Enrika?? He asked as he noticed she was not there. Looking back up at the woman he asked again ?where is Enrika?? The womans eyes showed a bit of sadness as she turned from his gaze. She had to be taken to the Hospice, the priests said she has Ravan in her and they will attempt to cleanse her soul. What!!! he exclaimed, as he knew as well as another, no one ever lived through the cleansing.

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