Always Expect the Unexpected

By Long47

Kurgen drove his dirk into the table.

"Blast those fools they will destroy all of Cinera before they're finished," Kurgen yelled. The tall Cineran Warlord stood to his feet and laughed,"They have to destroy me first though." Kurgen slowly walked over the the tent's enterway and looked out into the night. There all around him were his men, the best soldiers Cinera had to offer.

"They can't get through my men, they don't have a chance."

"Yes, they do," said a small figure from the back of the tent,"Your men respect your rank and follow you only through fear. Even I would gladly take the chance to run from you." The little figure only smiled and pulled the dirk off the large table, covered with maps and charts of the entire Cineran army and the towns of Iridine.

"I suggest you keep this with you," said the woman again, throwing the dirk at Kurgen's face. Kurgen without a thought caught it in his hand and smiled at the figure.

"My wife, and my only trustworthy companion, I know that you would gladly leave without a thought," said Kurgen reaching out and taking his wife's hand," Of course thats why I keep you under lock and key all the time." Kurgen and his wife only smiled at each other as they exchanged kisses.

"If you'll excuse me, I have to tend to my soldiers we have work to do," said Kurgen as he turned and exited the tent. Sindal, Kurgen's wife since they were 16 was worried for her husband. He was once a very sweet and loving man but ever since he took a man's life for the first time he had changed. She herself didn't know why she had stayed, but every time she looked into his eyes see saw the men she loved and would love forever. She sighed," Ereal protect my lover and bring him back to my tender arms." She too exited then but out the back way to the place she and Kurgen called home, for a warlord's life is not full of luxery.


Kurgen pratically jumped from his bed and reached for his gladius. The gladius shone even in the dim lantern light. Kurgen then realized that he was only plagued by that same dream over and over again. Kurgen was in Iridine with Sindal and was a peasant. He joined the Iridinian Legion and was fighting carrion birds in the city, when he stumbled upon the battered and unconsious form of a woman. He dragged her off at first and was going to tend her wounds, when his warlord ego kicked in. He reached in and took 100 denar from the woman and then left her in the room to live out her life without the amount of money. But the woman had seen him while see was laying unconsious and was able to inform on him. Thats when the dream stopped as he was surrounded by Iridinian Officers. Sindal was aware of her husbands movement and how much stress he was going through, that is why she withheld some information form him, she was with child. Kurgen's enemies of course would use the child against him, so she thought it best to keep the information to herself, but she didn't realize that the information would destroy her husband forever.


It was not many days after when one of Kurgen's scout burst into his tent. Kurgen then took the report the best he could, for another Warlord wished to destroy Kurgen now and his entire army. Kurgen sounded the alarm and began to ready the camp for battle, for Kurgen Destroyer of Dreams would not rest until he and his family was safe. "I swear, that Kurgen Destroyer of Dreams well crush you!" yelled Kurgen in the direction of the enemy army as he fastened his scabbard to his belt and mounted his horse.

{until next time}

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