A Brief History Of Altene

By Cladius Maximus

To Altenes, may they remember where they came from.

Altene, a glorious land; rocky and forested with the trees reaching far up into the heavens. Training grounds line the road to Tuchea, which lay among the greenest grass youíll ever set eyes on. You can see the city walls from any point in the state. For our land is small, but proud. The city is rather large, with a glorious palace in the middle surrounded by rows and rows of tan Insulas, bustling markets, barracks, and many statues attributed to war heroes. However, the land is far more beautiful than our history.

Altenes lived in a land north of Cinera for many years. However, it is unclear exactly where our ancestors settled. They were a small, spread out and proud people who constantly fought to protect their lands from invading barbarians. In the 37th Year of the Republic, 180 years ago, the Altene tribes began to bicker and argue with each other for unknown reasons. King Alterod tried with all his might to bring the people back together, but to no avail. For as the people bickered, the barbarians invaded Altene lands and sacked the main city. The people, refusing to become subjects to that type of scum, fled to the sea, with King Alterod leading the way.

At the end of the journey, they came to Tuchea and settled in the northwest of the island. King Alterod vowed to his subjects that they shall never be conquered again and thus started our famous military training programs. Staves were the main weapons, they were easy to craft form the vast forests in the area, cheap, and relatively easy to use. Our men soon became the best fighters in the known world. This fact and hard training is what kept Alterodís vow true to its word. Little did the Altenes know, they were not alone on the island. For shortly after the settling of the people, a small Tuchean force ran into a group of training Altenes and panicked. They attacked only to be badly beaten and bruised. No one was killed however and the Tuchean force reported back to their king. The King of Tuchea, after many a talk with King Alterod, agreed to rent the land to the people of Altene. The Altenes payment is made with 24 elite troops that serve as bodyguards for the king, of which my father was a member (see The Life of Cladius Maximus). Thus, the Tucheans and Altenes have lived in peace, trading and training together for many years. Now, Altenes are a proud people who would pledge our lives for the things we love. Our souls hunger for glory, honor, and adventure, thus driving many an Altene to a far away land in search of these thirsts. Our influence has spread throughout the known world and will continue to the day when we will have our own country again.

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