The Thief's Faith, part III

By Tomtops

...and the sickening thud of arrows tearing into flesh came to his ears. The pain was unbearable. Olaric stuggled to keep his feet moving toward his newly found escape, but another thud and burst of pain sent him sprawling onto the muddy ground of the alley. He saw more movement from the wall. The hidden door had opened and Olaric could see the dark safeness of the door. With his last bit of consciousness he stood, feeling the arrows lodged into his back and legs tearing at muscles, and he couldn't stand for long. He felt himself fall forward, less than a step from the door, the safety, and ask the puddle ridden ground filled his view two strong arms grabbed him and quickly dragged his lifeless body into it's safety.


The mutter of voices. Someone grumbling. A shout. The sudden shock of icy cold water sent Olaric immediately to his feet with a shout of surprise. Then a shout of absolute pain as his wounds reopened and blood poored out. He fell forward, bearly catching himself with his arms, the only unwounded part of his body it seemed. The pain surged through him like daggers. He was caught, he knew it. He knew if he was to look up he'd see the grinning face of the exacuter. The man that would deal the finally blow to put all this pain to a crashing end. Yet, when Olaric peered up the only thing he saw was the old wrinkled face of an old woman. He groaned.

"Im glad to see you're awake," The woman giggled. "Now, let's get you back into your bed."

His looked toward the pile of straw placed on the floor and realized that that was his 'bed'. The woman, with surprising strength lifted him and placed him on the straw.

"Now, lie still and I'll tell you what I can," The woman grinned a toothless grin, which, to Olaric, was almost comical. "You were almost dead, but your wounds have been taken care of and you seem to be a lot better. You've been out for about two weeks. Once you are able to walk and fight I'll introduce you to the Guild members." Olaric laid his head back against the straw covered floor and slept. He awoke the next morning, his body in pure pain, and groaned weakly. The old woman came out and sat down in front of him. "You think you can eat?"

...And so the healing of Olaric's body began...

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