The Thief's Faith (Part 2)

By Tomtops

"The Guild?" Olaric pondered. Had he ever even thought of joining a guild? Had he ever NEEDED to? He was doing good by himself without the Guild.

"Yes," the Hooded man growled. "We have been watching your progress with interest. We believe that you have what it takes to make it."

"What do I have to do?" He started to become interested in this "guild" business. They had watched him? Immpossable. He had never been caught. Not even in his newer days in the city of Iridine.

"Do? You already did it."

Olaric looked around dazed. He was a petty thief. His life was grab, chuckle, run. Of course, there was an occational confrontation with the cities "goodie-goodies", but he usually handled them well enough. "What did I do?"

The Hooded man sighed. "Follow me. People are coming this way."

Olaric hesitated and as he did the hooded figure disappeared out the door and into the street. He dashed into the street and looked, but the hooded man vanished like he had appeared. Then he heard the yelling. It sounded like the entire legion was coming down the street; Armed and ready for a slaughter. He relized it would be, because the mob of citizens were coming for him. Acting quickly, he dashed away from the oncoming crowd. He ducked into an ally, the close walls of the buildings muffling the angery cry of the mob. He stood there silently waiting for the mob to pass. The yells for blood became louder as they grew near. For a second he thought they'd all just walk by.

One person. One little boy, around the age of 14. That boy screamed: "I SEE HIM! IN THE ALLEY!" and the angery mob of citizens turned toward his hiding spot. Before Olaric could turn and flee deeper into the alley he saw the boy grin a deep evil grin. The grin of a starved dog reading to pounce apon the first sign of food. The croud poored into the alley behind Olaric. The walls, which once muffled the hollaring, now aplified the sound of hundreds of angery voices. Olaric was finally afraid. Not just afraid he was in a panic. He ducked behide a crate, not anymore bigger than a barrel, and hugged his knees up to hid chin. He rocked back in forth listening to the voices of blood thirsty men and women. Suddenly he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Movement from...A WALL!?!? He wirled around on his heels, still keeping his head below the crates hiding place. A crack. A door. His breath became wild gasps. He found his escape in this hidden door. He stood into view. The hollars increased. He bolted. Arrows thunked into the ground around him. He reached....

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