The Thief's Faith

by Tomtops

Olaric stepped out from the dark ally and into the pouring rain. He paused to scan his surroundings and was off down the road with surpirzing speed. He never once looked over his should because he was almost always being followed. Not by someone he, or anyone else, could see, but the shadowy figure of his brother and partner in crime, Sulran. The only problem was that Sulran was caught by an angery mob of hunters after he and Sulran had beat and robbed several members of their group. The hunters caught Sulran and killed him without mercy. The city never had mercy for thieves. Olaric had always felt it had been his fault that he had fled from Sulran killers and had not tried to save his brother; And the thought hunted him in his mind and his dreams. When Olaric reached his destination, Bronze Lane, he quickly donned his tin mask and sprinted north until he reached the Riverside Locks sign. He quickly made sure that no one was about and dashed into Apula's. While Olaric did his business inside two hoods stepped out of the shadows. "He'll be caught soon," Said the first hood peeking into Apula's. "Have faith in him. He has more to him than both you and I believe." "But why does he go after these locksmiths instead of the bigger treasures?" "Long before he arrived in Iridine a locksmith, accompanied by an assassin, broke into his room and killed both his parents, leaving him an his brother." "How do you know this?" "I was his brother"


Inside Apula's everything was in a craze. Olaric had relieved the three locksmiths from their lockpicks and pouches and they all had their weapons drawn on him in a flash. As he ducked and dodged multiple weapons he quickly flung open the closed door and flew into the streets discarding his newly found lockpicks and emptying the pouches into his own. After dashing into the allies and locking himself in a room he began to count his wealth. "123...124...125..." He counted. Just as he counted this last denar the door was flung open and the room was flooded with hoods and masks. The door then promptly closed and locked. Olaric stood and drew his dirk. He didn't engage or panic. They stood there for a minute sizing each other up. Then one hood noded toward a man in a mask. The mask drew a spear and engaged Olaric. Olaric took no time hesitating and began slashing at the mask, who soon fell without injuring Olaric. The door was then unlocked and the hoods left, one dragging the injured mask. All the remained was Olaric and two hoods. The two hoods took a look at Olaric and noded to eachother. "Welcome to the Guild." One grinned.

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