Kurgen's Soul

by Long47

Kurgen had wandered the forest for 3 days now. He had about 2 hours sleep between the three days and had only small berries to eat from time to time. He hadn't felt right ever since he had re-activated the sword and cloak, he hadn't looked at his weapon since it was placed back in its sheath. "Look what we have here," said a slender man stepping from behind a rock. "Looks like a weak old man," boomed a voice from behind Kurgen. Kurgen noticed three other men step out to his sides, but his attention was more drawn to the puddle infront of his feet. In it he saw a man that had a very sad expression on his face, his darks eyes will empty and his once midnight hair was showing signs of white peeking through, all over him was signs of old age. "Don't do this, I have no money with me and you'll only be hurt. I don't want a fight," said Kurgen slowly, even his voice showing signs of age instead of the once confidently,powerful,boom. "I like the old man's cloak myself," said the large booming voice. "I like that simple green gladius," said the slender man infront. "Fine," said Kurgen with a sigh and he drew his gladius. "BATTLE-AXE," yelled Kurgen, but even his yell lacked its ussual power. The gladius did answer his call and its form began to change, though Kurgen could feel the inner pull. Kurgen launched it after that and with magical accuracy it removed all of their heads. Kurgen picked it up returned it to its gladius form and slide it into its home.


"Kurgen is in inner turmoil Dycrus, he is questioning himself and his right to wield the gladius," said the old man slowly. "I see, tis not his fault. He will eventually learn his role and that of the gladius. A messanger does not fufill the message he was sent to do, he delievers it." said a divine voice with power. "He has finally noticed how old he has gotten, his troubles have finally began to show on him physically," said the old man. "It was deemed by us at the beginning of time man didn't deserve immortality unless he earned it. Man is too chaotic and has trouble understand both sides to the same story," said the divine voice from no where. "I guess you are correct, it is a shame Kurgen will not accept help for this problem," said the old man.


Kurgen sat near a waterfall, his heart had brought him here for his answers. "Ravan sends his best," came an unhumanly voice as Kurgen barely dodged a club. "Well I'll send Ravan's servant back in the best box I can make," Kurgen laughed as he pulled out his gladius. "Why would you use a box?" said the large creature. Kurgen shrugged as he looked at it, Large and fat with one eye and no hair, it wore only a loincloth and wielded a cheap club. "This is easy, SPEAR!" yelled Kurgen as his gladius took its form. He aimed and then launched it at the creature's eye, and magically it rang true and went into the eye and through the brain. "Obviously these creatures are stupid," said Kurgen retriving his gladius. "Yes, but there are many in this world," said the voice of an old man. "Finally you show up," said Kurgen shaking his hand, holding back the urge to hug him. "Your answers lay inside my friend," said the old man pointing towards the small cave behind the waterfall. Kurgen only nodded and went inside. It was damp inside but a light shown through a hole in the ceiling. He looked around and the only thing he saw was a small stone slab in the center of the cave. "Yes, thats the answer Kurgen," said the old man from behind him," You feel the gladius is wrong for you then place it into the stone deep." "I feel the urge too, but don't I need them for my work," asked Kurgen. "Not anymore, you can serve as a Bringer of Peace without them. The magic you need is inside you," said the old man motioning to the slab." I understand, but what will become of them?" asked Kurgen. "Your heir will one day come here and claim the gladius as his own," said the old man slowly. "I understand," said Kurgen pulling out the gladius,"I have become to old for fighting anyways." Kurgen then brought the gladius over the slab right in the center. "Now Kurgen now," said the old man insistantly. The gladius began to radiate green as Kurgen raised it into the air and brought it dow hard. The gladius sank down to the hilt, it appeared as if the handle was only there. "Now Kurgen, let us go and settle your fate," said the old man patting Kurgen's shoulder. They then began to change into sands as the breeze blew them away. In the room only a green handle glittered a testimony to Dycrus and his warrior Kurgen. (*end*)

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