Kurgen and Feira

by Long47

"That feels good," said Kurgen slowly as he felt someone tenderly masseging his shoulders. Then things started poping into his memory, bad guys, kill, fall, darkness, gladius gone. "Where am I?" asked Kurgen as he jumped to his feet and opened his eyes for the first time. "Your in the Kingdom of Loggia," said a girl. Kurgen looked down and saw a young but very attractive woman kneeling in a soft grassy meadow. Kurgen scratched his head for a second,"How did I get here?" "I found you after a clash of green light in the sky, I brought you here to tend your wounds and so you could relax," said the girl standing. "Was there a sword near where I lay, green and shimmering, maybe it was another type of weapon, but always green and glowing," asked Kurgen slowly. "No, I'm afraid not, although it sounds like the weapon Mycus found three days ago," said the girl looking at him strangely. "Two more questions, Where is this Mycus and Where is a Republic called Iridine?" asked Kurgen stressfully. "What is this Iridine you speak of?"


Thirty minutes after their first talk Kurgen was very confussed. As she guided them to her town, Kurgen discovered this world was very different then Iridine or Cinera. Ereal wasn't even known here, only the moons were. Kurgen knew he was still in Midlight when the familair Ravan, the Unraveller named showed up. Kurgen did discover that other gods were freely worshiped and Dycrus was on the list, there was even a temple in her town! As they finally saw the town in the distance Kurgen realized what had happened. Some how he had been thrown back far through time, further then anyone remebered. For once Kurgen's past wasn't an issue, there wasn't a Cinera to hate. This was truly a blessing, since green light had been invovled Kurgen guessed his great god had granted him the chance to live a peacefully life. When they arrived in town Kurgen didn't even bother to pull up his hood, he wasn't hated here. The girl gladly showed him through town to her small two-story home. Inside Kurgen was fixed a small but wonderful meal, and then shown to a small room in which he could rest for the night and then meet Mycus for morningfeast. As always Kurgen bent down on his knees and prayed that Dycrus would see fit to send his helper and friend to him for advice, but after many minutes nothing happened. For the first time since he had converted his prayers didn't work. Maybe Dycrus was giving him some time off alone without religious intervention, so Kurgen did the next best thing to praying, he went to sleep.


In a cold subterrain cave, where the only sound to be heard was water dipping somewhere off in the destinance a man stepped forth. "Kurgen you fool, what have you gotten yourself into now," said the man to the darkness,"Wake up fool before it is too late."


Wake up Kurgen did. He awoke to birds singing the sun was shining, everything was perfect, except for the strange empty feeling inside his heart. He was truly missing something. "Probally just my gladius, how I long for it," said Kurgen jumping up gracefully. He reached for his shimmering green cloak and placed it on himself. "Now what shall I wear today? Green tunic and breeches? Maybe silk clothes, the choices, so hard to chose," said Kurgen joyfully,"Ok lets go with my plain GREEN TUNIC AND GREEN BREECHES." Kurgen didn't even look down to see if it work, it had never failed before."Still a bit cold after that tranformation," said Kurgen shivering. Kurgen then looked down wide-eyed, his cloak was a....a....a cloak. "Maybe I'm just allowed to use my magic on earns for Dycrus," said Kurgen confussed. Almost instinctively he reached into the cabinet and pulled out normal tunic and breeches and put them on, and how rough and poorly made they felt. "I have other things to do besides consider my clothing," said Kurgen stepping to the door and walking out. Kurgen was then guided to Mycrus' home. A large decorated house, with many windows. Kurgen stepped in gracefully and was greeted by a tall muscular man wearing full armor and in his right hand was Kurgen's shimmering gladius. "That is my property, I suggest you return it," said Kurgen annoyed at this show of disrespect. "You will have to take it from my dead fingers, Kurgen Destroyer of Dreams," said the young man lunging forward. Kurgen barely dodge, throwing back a punch to only suffer bruises from the chainmail. "You can't harm me!" yelled the man lunging again. Kurgen dodged better this time and launched a kick, it landed perfectly in the only place not covered in armor, the family jewels. The young man fell over crying in sheer pain. "There is always a hole in someone's armor boy," said Kurgen taking his gladius easily from the hurt boy. "Wrong Destroyer," said the man in a very demonic voice now satnding with an inch of pain on his face. "Who are you?" question Kurgen wielding his gladius but not feeling the normal magical surge. "You served me once, I am Ravan the Unraveller, I was once your master, you destroyed hundred of innoucent souls for me. Now though you side with these weak forgotten gods and goddess and defend their right to exist. I created this world to trick you Kurgen, your magics don't work here with me, DYCRUS CAN'T HELP YOU NOW!!!!!!!!!" laughed the demonic voice. "We shall see," said Kurgen with a stern look on his face.

(*To Be Concluded*)

Strange new idea: (*preview*)

Kurgen, now trapped in a world of Ravan's design without his god and without his magics. Kurgen must face Ravan alone and find out if this is truly Ravan's world or a place long since forgotten wrapped by his evil thoughts. Will Kurgen somehow manage to survive in an unforgiving hell? Well his friend succeed in awakening Kurgen from his sleep. All this and more when next I sit down because I'm bored and write Kurgen: Trails in Hell.

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