Zante's City

By Armgdn1999

Sunrise. I sit at the Harbor of Moons, its waters gleaming golden under the soft light of the early sun. I stare peacefully out to sea as the morning rays caress my skin with their sensual warmth. Behind me my city wakens.

Many a tale of love and friendship have unfolded here, but not for me as I have never loved or been loved and exist without friends. Many heroes have risen and fallen in this city, their lives a saga retold and remembered forever. But not I, I will be forgotten when I die. I know these people not as individuals, but as a whole they are my family. I would fall in battle for these people, though my life may not seem much to them. Without them I would be even less than I am, but in my absence, their daily lives would not change. And yet I am content here, sustained by the love and happiness of others, fuelled by their hopes and dreams, as I have none of my own. I belong here, heart and mind, body and soul. For this is my haven, my city of never-ending love and life. This is Iridine. This is the Eternal City.

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