The Words of My People

By Amarad Nightsbane

Seein as 'ow I'm tryin ta learn townie a lil' bit bett'r, n' seein as 'ow no one can und'rstand a damn word I say, lets sit down n' get ta know each oth'r a lil' bett'r. Ya see, one a tha main things dat lead to war 'r a lack a' civ'lized talk. We need ta sit down n' 'ave a few ales, n' I'll teach ya a few words a' me native tongue. 'ell, maybe ya can teach me a few, eh?

Ya see, when ya speak Parcinian, it's gotta come from tha chest. Ya can't speak with yer mouth like when ya speak dat townie language a yers, it comes from way down 'ere. Thar's alotta what sounds ta you like gruntin' n' clickin'. Once ya grow up speakin it, it's real 'ard ta say words n' other tongues, seein as 'ow thar just at total diff'rent ends a tha vocal range.

A'em, 'eres a few simple ones...

Ulk'a'ran- Cloud or Storm, depending on how it's used

Y salma- The plains elk

Alanasan- Child; adding the prefix ''sul' makes it 'Man Child', while ''ial' makes it 'Woman Child'

Uulokinm- Insult, one who lays with herd animals

Raulmiss- The poisonous grass serpents

Atsulba'a- Warrior or Strong One

Errtro- Sick

Ol'tro- Dying or Badly hurt

Poldvi'in'a- Fool or One who wastes too much time thinking

Kal'kamat- Weakling

'ear 'ow I say it from tha bottom a' me throat? Sometimes ya gotta take it from tha back a yer mouth so ya c'n pause at tha right time. Most a tha words mean ya gotta sep'rate tha parts with a pause er click a tha' tongue. 'eres a few names n' what they mean.

Li'o'rouk- One of the open green land, male

Betromir- Strong oak, male

Amarad- The steady rain, male

Kentisani- The dancing stream, female

Fierial- Raging fire, male or female

That's all fer this lesson, maybe ya c'n work on them words n' I'll teach ya tha bett'r ones lat'r. Now get outta me sight.

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