Pantheon of Iridine

By Long47


Gods of the sun and over all good god. He is worshipped alone in Iridine and his followers tend to punish those who do not worship him alone. He is considered the god of creation and we his children.


Lucifel is one of the moons that rises in Iridine. It is the god of thieves and rogues, they tend to pray to here for protection. Worship is band in Iridine.


One of the moons that rise in Iridine's sky.


One of the moons and the name of the river that flows through Iridine.


Also known as the Unravaller, he was originally the god of death, but has lately taken on a more evil role. He is represented by the dark gray moon which only recently appeared in Iridine's skies. His known servants are Kivlan and his General Paine.


One of the old forgotten gods. He is the god of peace and the forest and is known to grant his servants with great power. His worship is banned in Iridine and to date he has had very few servant during Republican times, his most Famous is Kurgen, Destroy of Dreams.


Another old forgotten diety, he represents warriors and battle. He was primarly worshipped in Aestiva, Cinera, Gadaene, Sostaeran, and Parcine. Only warriors tend to pray to him, but his worship has diminished because of Ereal.


Altenian god of war and equivlant of Ereal. Most altenians still send their prayers to him even though Ereal is the only offcial god. They use the excuse that they are the same god.


An old female goddess who represented both luck and misfortune. Her syblom was normally the two-sided coin, one for luck and the other for misfortune. She is no longer worshipped but a few drunken gamblers may mumble her name.

Minor Servants


A servant of Ravan, he was once a recruit for both the constablary and Legio but was converted. In prision while awaiting his sentence he began to turn undead. He has since been killed many times and his flesh is nothing but charred remains. It is believed he was killed finally.


Another servant of Ravan, he is known for riding a white horse through the sky. Not much is known of him or his origins, but his name is rare spoken disrespectly, for no one wants his wrath.


A servant of Dycrus, he was known as Destroyer of Dreams in his youth. He lived in Iridine for a time until he was driven away by a warrior named Thain. After think his life was at a loss he stumbled upon Dycrus' old forgotten temple and found redemption. He is famous for a magic green cloak that can change into any form of clothing or armor and his green gladius which can become any weapon at his whim.


Was a famous Altenian warrior before their exile. He was known for driving back the force that would eventually over run them. It was because of his Heroic actions the Altenian people found the courage to move on and his is now considered an immortal servant of Erai'Theran. Warriors will sometimes seek his guidance when they need it.

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