Idyan Battle Prayer

By Cyanicus Ulyssia

Ancient Idyan Battle prayer, 4th Archer Company, Iris’ legion. (Recorded by Nysus the scribe before the battle of Cresis) 326 years before the founding of Iridine, 17th day of Iris.

May Ereal grant us with his blessings for our coming battle, Give us the hands of stone, with which we can fire our mighty bows.
Give us the eyes of the hawk, so that we can smite our enemies from a distance.
Give us the legs of the Cheetah, so that we may run and live To fight another day.
Please Ereal, we don’t want to die.
May we engage the opposite Direction of the enemy with no dishonour to our name.
Please Ereal, we don’t want to die.
May we run faster than the Quickest soldier bearing even the smallest knife So that we may serve our homelands another day.
In exchange for your blessings, we humbly give you three things, A small rock, a present from our mother Midlight.
A bronze arrow, cherished by our finest archer And a silver bow, used by the purest of our warriors.
Thank ye Ereal for granting our humblest demands.
May we serve you With honour as the finest archers on Midlight, fighting in your name.

(After the battle, the 4th company suffered no casualties and had the highest kill rate out of the eight archer companies of Iris’ legion)

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