As with any game as robust as TEC, there are many questions we get asked regularly. We've compiled the technical and gameplay related questions below.

If you have basic, non-technical questions about what TEC is, go here.

TEC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Dytan and PepaQuin

  1. Social Interaction Between Characters and NPCs 
  2. In-Character Questions 
  3. Out-Of-Character Questions 
  4. Skill System 
  5. Parser and Item Interactions 
  6. Movement
  7. Combat 

Social Interaction Between Characters and NPCs:

Q:    How do I speak?
A:    Use a single quote ( ' ) followed by the text you wish to say.
            example: 'Hello Bob-The-Char
If your name was Ted, you would see: You say, "Hello Bob-The-Char."
Others would see:  Ted says, "Hello Bob-The-Char."

Q:    How do I direct my speech at one person in particular?
A:    Use a double quote ( " ), followed by the name of the person you are speaking to, followed by what you wish to say.
            example: "Bob Hello
If your name was Ted, you would see: You say to Bob-The-Char, "Hello"
If you were Bob, you would see: Ted says to you, "Hello"
Others would see: Ted says to Bob-The-Char, "Hello"

Q:    How do I sell an item to a shopkeeper?
A:    Offer the item to the shopkeeper.
            example: offer armor to Venina

Q:    How can I tell how much a shopkeeper will give me for an item?
A:    Show the item to the shopkeeper.
            Example: show armor to Venina

Q:    I sold an item to a shopkeeper but he won't pay me. Should I call the Constables?
A:    No. Ask the shopkeeper for some change.
            Example: "Venina Change

Q:    Alright, I just sold all my stones to Mondan, and he hasn't given me any money! What's the deal?
A:    After selling anything to a shopkeeper, to receive your change, you need to ask the respective shopkeeper for it. Typing: say to [shopkeeper] change, or "[shopkeeper] change, will have the shopkeeper offer your money to you, which you then need to accept: accept [shopkeeper]. And then you have all your hard-earned money in your hands! (Don't forget to put it away).

Q:    How do I give something to someone else?
A:    You must offer the item to the other person.
            Example: offer torch to Bob

Q:    How do I accept the item someone is offering?
A:    Type 'accept' followed by the person's name.
            Example: accept Ted

Q:    What are luck points?
A:    A luck point does two things. It can either give your character a very large bonus on the next action they attempt, or can be used to bring a deceased character back to life. The administrative staff restricts the use of the Luck! command in some cases. Type '?Luck!' for more detailed information. (Thanks to Racker)

Q: Apula has just offered me a job, now what do I do?
A: First you need to accept the job by SAYing YES. Then you TAKE the COFFER and TAKE your LOCKPICK. Then you need to UNLOCK COFFER WITH LOCKPICK and once that succeeds, then you GIVE COFFER TO # CITIZEN. The # is the number of citizens in the room.  (Thanks to Dustvangeet)

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In-Character Questions:

Q:    How do I think aloud?
A:    Use the command "think" followed by what you wish to think.
            Example: think Hello, Iridine.
If your name was Ted, you would see: <You think aloud: Hello, Iridine.>
Others would see: <Ted thinks aloud: Hello, Iridine.>

Q:    How do I direct my thoughts to an individual?
A:    Sorry, you can't.

Q:    Arrg! All these thoughts are driving me mad, how do I get rid of them?
A:    To disable/enable the think command, type: toggle-think. A list of all commands is also available through typing: ?commands-all. (Thanks to Stonespyder)

Q:    Is think use a constant fatigue simply for having think on, or is it a per thought Fatigue?
A:    Think drains fatigue every time you think aloud, but not for keeping it toggled on.

Q:    When I type 'who', the list shows some names in green and others in black. What do these colors signify?
A:    Green = The character's think option is enabled. Black = The character has either disabled its think option or is in a location that makes it impossible to project or hear thoughts.

Q:    How do I check my attributes?
A:    Type: stats

Q:    How do I check my inventory?
A:    Type: inventory

Q:    What are the values of all the coins I keep seeing?
A:    We give an explanation of Iridinian Money in another area of the site.

Q:    How long (in real time) is an Iridinian day?
A:    One hour real time counts for four Iridinian hours. This means there six real hours in an Iridinian day, four Iridinian days in a single real-time day.

Q:    I don't understand the toolbar on the bottom of my screen.
A:    The official TEC site gives a very good explanation of the toolbar. Click here to view it.

Q:    I checked my stats and found that my character is a Head Count. What is that?
A:    Head Count is the lowest class of citizen in Iridine.

Q:    How do I check my character's overall condition?
A:    Type 'condition'.

Q:    The game is telling me I am famished/hungry. What does this mean? What should I do?
A:    This means your character is starting to get hungry. Go to a shop and buy some food. Then type 'eat' followed by the name of the food.
            Example: eat food ration

Q:    Do I need to drink to stay alive?
A:    Contrary to what Pompeii will tell you, drinking is not necessary to stay alive.

Q:    I checked my stats and saw that my character has a number of attributes. What do they mean?
A:    The official TEC site gives a very good explanation of attributes. Click here to view it.

Q:    How do I pick a single person out of a crowd?
A:    Type 'look for' followed by what person you would like to pick out of a crowd.
            Example: look for soldier

Q:    How do I see what sort of people are standing in a crowd?
A:    Look at the crowd.

Q:    I just saw someone examine a room closely, but when I type EXAMINE ROOM I only get the same result as if I used the LOOK command. What is wrong?
A:    You need to use the SEARCH [Item/Object] (For example SEARCH ROOM) command to find hidden stuff. (Thanks to Ens.)

Q:    Does the amount of lighting in the area affect me?
A:    Yes. Low light makes combat more difficult and if there is a total absence of light you will not be able to see objects or exits in a room.

Q:    How can I check the amount of lighting in the area?
A:    Type 'lighting'.

Q:    How can I increase the amount of lighting in the area?
A:    Lighting a torch or a lantern will help.

Q:    How do I put more oil in my lantern?
A:    Lanterns are tricky. You don't fill them; rather you 'pour' the oil into the lantern.
            Example: pour oil into my lantern

Q:    How do I see how much an item weighs?
A:    Type 'iw' to see a list of how much each item you're carrying or wearing weighs. (Thanks to Kurlac)

Q:    Is a torch or a lantern more efficient?
A:    It’s a matter of opinion really. A torch is cheaper and ways much less than a lantern, but they burn for short periods of time. Lanterns are heavier, but they will burn for as long as six hours. Lanterns also produce more light than a single torch. (Thanks to Racker)

Q:    How can I become a citizen of Iridine?
A:    According to the Twelve Tables, citizenship may only conferred by birth to a citizen. In some cases though, a magistrate with Imperium may grant citizenship. (Thanks to Racker)

Q:    How do I know how much money I have?
A:    Type WEALTH and you will be told to the sen how much money you have on you. (Thanks to Brassy)

Q:    Hey! I was paid money and I put it away before I slept. Now that I'm awake again, I type WEALTH and I have no money on me?!??! Where is it?
A:    Probably right where you left it shut away safely. In order to find out how much you have on you, you must first be certain that the container (sack, pouch etc.) that you placed it in is open. (Thanks to Brassy)

Q:    Just how exactly do the training grounds work?
A:    Every time you finish a training course, it selects one of the attributes that it trains in to improve.  If you're already maxed out in that attribute, you'll see no improvement.

Q:    What factors contribute to your success or failure on the courses?
A:    Success in the courses is mostly random.  It helps, however, not to be tired or overburdened.

Q:    Is the attribute improved randomly determined, or are their factors that influence that as well?
A:    Attributes are randomly determined based on your training course.

Q:    Finally, and most importantly, how many improvements are necessary to raise any given attribute?
A:    Every improvement raises your attribute a small amount.  Think of the words 'good', 'very good', 'below average', etc. in your 'stats' screen as general descriptions of a more specific number value.  Its similar to the way a specific number of skill ranks can be described as 'practiced', 'learned', etc.  Every successful training improves your attribute, though often not enough to change the wording of the general description.

Q:    Is it more difficult to raise attributes that are already high?
A:    There is a maximum limit to all attributes, but the difficulty of raising attributes does not vary.

Q:    How do I make fangstaves?
A:    First, you must have a sapling. If you have outdoorsman skills, you can FIND SAPLING and if there are any trees appropriately young in the area, you'll be able to get them. Otherwise, buy them from another player. Second, you need to CRAFT FANGSTAVE SAPLING to make a rough pointed fang out of the sapling. Third, you're going to need a fire. You can usually MAKE FIRE BRANCH or MAKE FIRE TWIGS or get an outdoorsman to make one for you. Then the final step in crafting a fangstave is tempering it. TEMPER FANG IN FIRE (Thanks to Marsaya)

Q:    I am a new locksmith, but when I study a tumbler inside Apula’s, it is a very high success. Help me!
A:    There is more than one tumbler lock hanging inside the shop. The second tumbler is easier, and the third is easier still. Type: study 2 tumbler or study 3 tumbler one of them will have a success you can live with for study. (Thanks to Candase)

Q:    What is a leather jerkin?
A:    Jerkins refer to both an under garment (usually of leather) for armor. Generally, however, jerkins are used as padding for heavy ring, or plate armor, so it does not irritate the skin. Also in the case of both these forms of armor, a jerkin works as padding against body blows (i.e. staves, clubs the like). (Thanks to Annatar)

Q:    Do you have to toggle passive off after you go passive or unconscious? How do I do this?
A:    Yes, you can toggle passive on and off simply by typing "passive." And you are passive when you come to after being knocked out. (Thanks to Jolee)

Q:    How do you increase your maximum burden?
A:    It may sound very unrealistic but to carry more you need to be stronger. Strength can be improved by repeatedly climbing the wall found north of Iridine. (Thanks to Enger for this piece of sarcasm.)

Q:    How do I place a notice on the bulletin board in the Stone Toga Inn?
A:    Depending on the type of material (parchment, vellum, or whatever) you: HANG [type] ON BOARD (Thanks to Lasseter)

Q:    How do I get an extra key for a room?
A:    You walk up to the person that rents the room to you, and then ask him for an extra key (example: "Glaeus Extra key). You can get up to 3 keys per room. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

Q:    How much interest do the banks in Midlight give?
A:    Neither Senada's bank in the city of Iridine nor the bank in Monlon give interest. The bank in Vetallun is the only bank that gives interest; the rate is .03% (that's three hundredths of one percent) per week. A week in Midlight is eight days long, and each RL day is four Midlight days long, so your interest is compounded every two days. (Thanks to Bblalock)

Q:    Why do I still sit in jail when I have 0 seconds left?
A:    The jailers make rounds and let people out approximately every ten minutes.  You can wait up to 10 minutes longer than your jail term depending on the timing of the rounds.

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Skill System:

Q:    How do I check what skills I have?
A:    Type: skills for a list of all the skills you know.

Q:    How do I view a list of commands for the actions my character knows?
A:    Type: skills ?

Q:    'General Skill Points' is on my list of skills. How do I use this skill?
A:    General Skill Points are not a skill. They are explained further in the Skills section under General Skill Points.

Q:    How do I view only one skill set at a time?
A:    Type 'skills' followed by the skill name.
            Example: skills staves

Q:    How do I view the commands for only one skill set at a time?
A:    Type 'skills' followed by the skill name followed by a question mark.
            Example: skills staves ?

Q:    I have enough General Skill Points to learn a new skill, but when I type learn [skill] from [person], it says I am unable to buy the skill. How come?
A:    You need to type Learn [skill] from [person] with General. If you're learning acm or shields, you can learn those with weapons SP, so instead of general, you'd type staves, or axe, or whatever weapon you know. (Thanks to Rhenn.)

Q:    What's this [Success: ##, Roll: ##] thing?
A:    This is your dice roll. When you see Success: ##, it means that to succeed at what you are trying, you need to roll higher than that number. So if your Success: 59, you need to score a 60 or higher to succeed. Roll: ## is the number you rolled. The lowest is 1, and the highest is 100. So, if you have a Roll: 99, you've rolled a 99. Combine them to [Success: 59, Roll: 99], and it means you rolled higher than your success, therefore succeeded. If you score a 59 or lower with Roll, you fail. Some skills, such as diagnosing and gathering twigs and firewood will allow you to "succeed" a little bit if you roll close to your success, but you don't gain any SP for it. (Thanks to Rhenn)

Q:    How do I learn a new skill?
A:    You look for the trainer, and check how many skill points you need by typing 'train [skill you want to learn]'. For most new skills you want to learn, you need general skill points. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

Q:    I have my skill now, but I can't use it yet!
A:    If it's a combat skill, you can attack with it already, but if it's a non combat skill like healing or outdoors basics, you will need to learn a sub skill of that skill to be able to use it, and this needs to be done with general skill points too. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

Q:    You said 'for most new skills you want to learn you need general skill points'. Then what are the exceptions?
A:    You can learn Armed Combat Maneuvers with skill points from any weapon skill. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

Q:    OK, I was just wondering.... moves like knives triple cut and ACM backwards rolling rise are called impossible moves. What's the deal? Are they actually impossible or do you have to train to like rank 20 to be able to even use them at all?
A:    'Impossible' moves are not in fact impossible; they are just extremely difficult to perform. Basically, you have four difficulties: easy, average, difficult, and impossible. Each rise in the difficulty increases the amount of SP per rank you need, and decreases the rank bonus you get for each rank. Impossible moves are possible, just really difficult to perform regularly.

Q:    How do you self-train?
A:    You self train using the SELFTRAIN command. When you self-train, you need exactly twice the number of skill points as you would otherwise. If possible, it’s best to find a trainer. (Thanks to Bblalock)

Q:    Why learn a subskill when I can get my overall one-handed skill up instead. What is the relation between main and sub skill?
A:    It is true that the Rank bonus goes up for your chop when you raise your overall skill but not near as much as when you train in the skill itself. When you reach higher ranks in the Overall skill the gain be only a few more Rank bonus in berserk with 10 new ranks in Overall skill. So the goal is to keep a good balance between overall skill and the subskills. The only limit is that you can't get higher ranked in your subskill than the overall skill. Of course being grandmaster in all moves is the optimal situation. (Thanks to Enger)

Q:    Do blocks generate skill points? Do you gain skill points for teaching skills?
A:    No, you do not receive skill points for successful blocks or for teaching skills. It is considered a nice thing to do, unless of course you charge for it. And then it's just business. (Thanks to Jakester2000)

Q:    Can you unlearn ranks in one skill to gain SPs to use in another skill?
A:    You can use skill points from weapon skills to buy ranks in defensive combat skills such as Armed Combat Maneuvers or Shields, but otherwise no. (This means stop unlearning languages because you think you can use those SPs for your weapon, healing etc. skills. All you'll do is lose your ability to speak your native language.) (Thanks to Pat)

Q:    If I don't know a skill, can I still get experience in that skill?  For example, can I learn one-handed swords [if I don't know the skill already] just by swinging a gladius a lot in the sewers?
A:    No, you cannot gain Skill Points in any skill you don't know. So swinging that gladius in the sewers if you don't know one-handed swords will net you nothing except a very frustrating experience. The same holds true for all other skills. The only way to learn a new skill is by using GSP[General Skill Points], which are awarded through good role-playing by the GMs, or are purchased with your RPs. (Thanks to Annatar)

Q:    I don't have enough general skill points, where do I get more?
A:    Either you role-play very well, and get awarded general skill points, or you buy them with role points. Go to the Welcome Area and type '@play'. Type 'S' to go to the menu that allows you to spend your role points. Choose the option that allows you to spend role points on general skill points. Enter the amount of skill points you want to buy, and then enter the number of the character you want to give the points to. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

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Parser and Item Interactions:

Q:    I'm in a room full of sacks and I can't seem to put my pipe in my sack, it always ends up in a sack on the floor. (or pouch, tube, etc.)
A:    An easy way to make sure your putting your stuff in your sack is to type: Put pipe in MY sack...it will go into the sack you are currently wearing. (Thanks to Ems)

Q:    How do I count something?
A:    Type 'count' followed by what you wish to count.
            Example: count coins

Q:    How do I take a specific item from a pile of items?
A:    Type 'get' followed by the item you wish to get, followed by the group you wish to get it from.
            Example: get dirk from pile of weapons

Q:    I don't understand this whole 'first torch' or 'second torch' concept. Can you help?
A:    The official TEC Web site provides an explanation here.

Q:    I'm wearing two sacks, but when I try to remove them, it tells me to remove the other one first. I can't though, because it's always telling me that. Help?
A:    Well, you are wearing two sacks. When you type remove sack, you're trying to remove your first sack. Your second sack is on top of it, which is why you're told to remove the other sack first. So, type remove 2 sack to remove the second sack, and then you can remove the first sack. (Thanks to Rhenn.)

Q:    I am trying to get my lantern, but it says that the brightly glowing lantern will not budge. What happened?
A:    Try GET 2 LANTERN. The first one is the one that is a permanent fixture of the building you're in. (Thanks to Raven3517)

Q:    There are a number of the same items lying around, and I want to get a specific one (i.e. the last one). How do I do this without picking them all up?
A:    Try the MATCH command. For example, if there were a bunch of sacks lying around, and you wanted to get a certain one, type MATCH SACK and a listing, with descriptions, of all sacks in the area with appear. (Thanks to Raven3571)

Q:    I'm trying to group all the tunics, but I have to do it one by one. I see people grouping them all at once, how do I do it?
A:    Try GROUP ALL [object] to group all of them.  In this case, group all tunic. (Thanks to Rhenn)

Q:    How do I get something?
A:    Type 'get' followed by the object you wish to get.
            Example: get torch

Q:    I want to get a torch from my sack but I keep picking up a burnt torch from the ground.
A:    Your character is picking up the first torch in the room. To get the torch from your sack, type: get torch from my sack.

Q:    I want to pick up a torch from the ground but I keep picking up a burnt torch.
A:    This is due to the parser used in TEC. More information concerning the parser is available on the official TEC site here.

Q:    OK, I realize that drinking is only important to Pompeii, but I want to drink anyway. How?
A:    Type 'drink' followed by what you wish to drink.
            Example: drink beer

Q:    How do I fill a container with a liquid?
A:    Type 'fill' followed by the container you wish to fill followed by what you wish to fill it with.
            Example: fill glass with beer

Q:    How do I pour a liquid from one container to another?
A:    First, make sure you are holding the container with the liquid. Then type 'pour' followed by the container you wish to pour the liquid into.
            Example: pour beer into mug

Q:    How do I empty a container?
A:    Type 'empty' followed by the container.
            Example: empty mug

Q:    How do I wear a piece of clothing?
A:    Type 'wear' followed by the piece of clothing.
            Example: wear sack

Q:    How do I remove a piece of clothing?
A:    Type 'remove' followed by the piece of clothing.
            Example: remove sack

Q:    I want to get 10 denars from my pile of 20. How do I do it?
A:    Use the SPLIT command to split them: Split denar 10. (Thanks to Kilamanjaro)

Q:    Okay, a group of us went to the alleys and managed to round up about 20 armors. I went and sold the loot and brought the denars back. How do I split it up without having to go through the tedious divisions and splitting of the loot for everyone?
A:    There is a simple command for sharing with others in your party. If you want to share with everyone there grab your armful of coins and type SHARE [coins] all. You can also share with only chosen people by typing SHARE [coin] {person} {person} (Thanks to Jakester2000)

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Q:    How do I move around?
A:    The Eternal City uses the eight compass points, as well as up and down. Type: n, s, e, w, ne, nw, se, sw, u, d

Q:    I'm having trouble getting to places like the bank and the forum. How does everybody remember how to get to these places without getting lost?
A:    The WALK TO command can be used to get from one mark point to another, and can be very helpful when trying to go someplace quickly. A list of common mark points, and big locations in the city, can be accessed by typing: mark.  To walk to one of these places, you would type: walk to bank (to go to the bank), walk to toga (to go to the inn), etc. You can also mark your own points, which can be used in the same manner. When you are at someplace you want to mark, type: mark [name]. This marker will now show up under your list of Personal Destinations under the walk to list. Keep in mind though, that you can only use the walk and mark commands at major intersections and streets (usually wide cobblestone avenues). (Thanks to Stonespyder)

Q:    What is the "Walk To" command? How do I use it?
A:    The "Walk To" command is similar to an autopilot. Once you have activated it, your character will begin walking towards the destination you specified. If you wish to stop at any time during your trip, type: Stop.
To use the "Walk To" command type: walk to <destination>.
To view a list of possible destinations type: mark

Q:    I tried to go west but it told me there was a door in that direction.
A:    When moving through portals, type: go <direction> or go <portal>.

Q:    I am in a room with two exits in the same direction. I want to go east through the arch, but I keep going east through a door.
A:    When in this sort of situation it is best to use the "go <portal>" command. To go through the arch, type: go arch

Q:    I seem to be trapped inside a lean-to. No matter what direction I go, it always tells me that I can't go that way. How do I get out?
A:    To get out of the lean-to, you must type leave. (Thanks to Yuval)

Q:    My legs are broken badly making it impossible for me to get to a healer. Is there anyway I can move?
A:    Yes, there are two options for you.
            1) You can type 'crawl' followed by the direction you wish to crawl.
                   Example: crawl east

            2) If your character has a long weapon (such as a gladius, stave, spear, etc) you can stand up and limp with the weapon.
                   Example: limp east


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Out-Of-Character Questions:

Q:    How can I tell who else is online?
A:    Use the "who" command. Type: who

Q:    I just received an OOC-warning. Why?
A:    OOC warnings are issued by GMs for being OOC (out-of-character). If you are not sure what is OOC and what is IC, type: ? role-playing for some guidelines. If you receive enough OOC warnings your character will not be allowed to think aloud until the number of warnings has been reduced.

Q:    How can I reduce the number of OOC-warnings I have?
A:    One OOC-warning is removed every week from your characters.

Q:    How do I tell how many OOC-warnings I have?
A:    Type: @OOC while in the Welcome Area of the game.

Q:    How do I exit the game?
A:    Type: exit to exit to the OOC area. Type: logout to logoff the game altogether.

Q:    What are role-points?
A:    Role points are points that you earn for playing the game. You are awarded role-points if you attend certain events, also. They can be used to purchase things ?role-points-2 for a complete list. (Thanks to Lucentius)

Q:    OK everybody keeps talking about role points and bonus points. I've heard that you get bonus points for going to events and they increase your role point accumulation rate. However, I went to 3 events and never got a single bonus point! What's up?
A:    You don't always get bonus points for attending events. Bonus points are awarded for outstanding role playing during an event. Don't ask for them, its impolite. Each bonus point you are granted earns you a General Skill Point. And for every ten bonus points you accumulate, your role point accumulation rate will go up by .25 points per hour. To check your role point status simply type @rps in the Welcome Area. (Thanks to Trekker8)

Q:    I don't have enough role points. How do I get more?
A:    You get a role point for every hour you play, and you also get more role points if you play between 11am and 5pm EST on week days, the role point gaining rate is 3 role points an hour then. An easy way to check your total role points, role point gaining rate, and total role points ever is typing '@rps' in the welcome area. (Thanks to Lordofchaos)

Q:    Where can I get a list of commands?
A:    If you're in the game, type: @commands. There is another version, viewable from the web, that can be located on this site here.

Q:    I think I have discovered a bug in the game. What should I do?
A:    If you have found a bug type: @report. This will tell the GMs when and where the bug occurred. Be sure to include a brief description of what the bug is and what you did to cause it. Do not post a bug report in the forums or proclaim a bug directly to the GMs. This will be of little help to them.

Q:    How do I get in touch with the GMs?
A:    From the Welcome Room, walk west twice and type: ring bell. It will ring a bell that summons the GMs. If there are any GMs online and free at the moment they will respond.

Q:    Help! I proclaimed to the GMs, but they didn't answer my question! Who let them out of their cages?
A:    The GMs are very, very busy people, and often they cannot respond to every proclaim that a player makes. Don't fret - there are other helpful administrative commands that let you speak to the staff, and when used properly, can generally yield better results. @request lets you give the GMs a 'to-do' note that they will be able to read and see if they can fulfill, @report lets you report a bug in the game that you may have found, and @feedback lets you give the game staff your comments about TEC. (Thanks to Stonespyder)

Q:    How much faster do you regain fatigue if you lie down in baths compared to a floor or a bed?
A:    The baths and inn rooms recover fatigue faster. If you were to just lie down on a floor or in the street you would not recover from fatigue any faster than usual. Baths and inn rooms recover fatigue at the same rate. The advantage to an inn room, however, is that if you go to sleep in it, you are still recovering fatigue. If you go to sleep in the baths, your character stops recovering. (Thanks to Racker)

Q:    If my speed attribute is high, do I complete actions (attack, harvest etc.) faster?
A:    Yes, your 'round time' will be lower. (Thanks to Racker)

Q:    What is the difference between the wealthy patrician package and the basic one?
A:     Wealthy patrician packages begin with more landed holdings (permanent income), a larger domus or villa, and added social prestige and starting wealth.

Q:    I would like to know if it is possible to transfer GSP from one character to another.
A:    The characters shared by the same player (account) already share GSP. The GSP are awarded to the player, not the character. As far as transferring GSPs between players (accounts), the answer is no. (Thanks to Lyrad)

Q:    How long is an idle account kept on the game before it is deleted?
A:    Generally, at least 6 months.

Q:    How do you vote for the role-player of the month?
A:    You don't unless you are a GM or Auxilii. (Thanks to Mackrels)

Q:    What is nowhere, and how did I get there, and how do I get out?
A:    Nowhere is where characters are placed when they have violated game policy.  Use proclaim to speak with a GM from there. (Thanks to Annatar)

Q:    How do I read mail @mailed to me?
A:    Simply type: @MAIL ON ME. Then, type: @READ [number of mail you wish to read]. (Thanks to Brassy)

Q:    What is the easy way to delete Macro's and recreate them?
A:    The @macro command allows for an easy menu-driven system of creating and deleting your macros.
Q:    Is it okay to sell things in the Welcome Room?
A:    The Welcome Area and the gameworld are two completely separate things. Since the WA is OOC, doing anything in the WA is also OOC; therefore, selling in the WA is OOC. Don't sell things in the Welcome Area. (Thanks to Marnevel)

Q:    When did TEC start, When did we hit Big Network? etc.
A:    The game was created by Worlds-Apart Productions, and launched in November 1996. In July 1998 it Moved to Bignetwork. Spring 1999 we moved to TGN. In June 2001 we moved to Skotos. (Thanks to Enger)


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Q:    How do I attack something?
A:    Type 'attack' followed the creature you'd like to attack.  For more complex attacks using other maneuvers, you’ll have to check the verb for the maneuver.
            Example: attack rat

Q:    How do I skin a corpse?
A:    Wield a small blade (knife, dagger, etc.) in your hand. You can then do one of two things:
            1) Type 'skin' followed by what body part you would like to skin from the corpse.
                    Example: skin stomach from rat   To see a list of the parts still on the rat, inspect it. 
            2)Type 'skin' followed by the corpse and skin the first part on the rat
                   example: skin rat

Q:    How do I wield a weapon?
A:    Type 'wield' followed by the weapon you wish to wield.
            Example: wield gladius

Q:    How do I get close enough to an enemy to attack it?
A:    Type 'approach' followed by the enemy you wish to approach.
            Example: approach rat

Q:    How do I retreat?
A:    You can retreat by typing 'retreat'. If you wish to retreat into an adjacent room type 'retreat' follow by the direction.
            Example: retreat e

Q:    What is a combat posture?
A:    Combat postures affect your rank bonuses. Each posture affects your rank bonus differently.

Q:    What combat postures are available to me? What does each one do?
A:    There are five combat postures. They are as listed below: 


All offense, no defensive capability


Mostly offensive, little defensive capability


Equal attention to offense and defense 


Mostly defense, little offensive capability 


All defense, no offensive capability

Q:    How do I change my combat posture?
A:    Type the posture you wish to assume.
            Example: berserk

Q:    Where can I get a more detailed explanation of combat postures?
A:    The official TEC site has, as always, a very good explanation. Click here to view it.

Q:    How do I stop wielding my weapon?
A:    Type 'unwield' or 'unuse' followed by the weapon.
            Example: unwield knife or unuse knife

Q:    How do I use my bow?
A:    First thing is to string your bow. Get your bow from your sack and then your string. Then you want to STRING BOW WITH STRING, if this doesn't work, try and SWAP the contents in your hands then you will be able to string it. Next is to load the bow with an arrow. LOAD BOW WITH ARROW. If you want to remove the arrow then it is UNLOAD BOW. When you are ready to shoot you want to SCAN the area and SHOOT [TARGET]. To retrieve your arrows from the target you want to GET ARROWS FROM TARGET. (Thanks to Kilamanjaro)

Q:    When I'm in the dumps/forest/etc. hunting with a partner, sometimes he/she will suddenly take off in some direction or other and find an opponent, how does he/she know they are there?
A:    Your partner has the WATCH command toggled on, you can change the setting of your watch command by typing: watch. It can be especially helpful when in big open spaces like the forest or grasslands when trying to link up with friends and exact locations are impossible to give out. It is also a good idea to turn this off when attending an event or any time large groups are moving about around you, it will dramatically cut down on all the nonessential information scrolling past you on the screen. (Thanks to Motorhead)

Q:    I keep hitting something, and it says I withhold the force of my blow. How do I hurt something?
A:    At one point, you put yourself into practice mode. This mode doesn't injure your opponent, and is good for sparring. However, when you're fighting "monsters," you need to be out of practice mode. To switch between practice and normal, type PRACTICE. (Thanks to Rhenn)

Q:    Why can't I block an osecar?
A:    Osecars have a habit of attacking low. You would need a low block to defend against their attacks and probably don't possess one. If you do have a low block, you may be in too aggressive a stance (try wary or defensive instead of berserk or aggressive).

Q:    I tried to scan for my friend hunting with me, but I could not detect any target?
A:    When you scan, you only scan in one direction. To scan in other directions, type: scan e or scan sw. You can scan in any of the compass point directions. Also it may be too dark to scan without your friend carrying a light. (Thanks to Candase)

Q:    I just purchased some nice new armor and put it on. Now my success to hit has gone up. What's the deal?
A:    You have to realize the things you wear (or carry) in the game have weight. If your success to hit went up it probably means that you have jumped into a new load category. For example, if you were carrying a "moderate load" you probably jumped up to a "significant load". To find out what kind of load you are carrying type STATS. Also if you want to know the approximate weight of the things in your inventory you can type IW and it will give you a list of everything you have and it's weight. You may have to lighten your load to bring your success to hit back down. You could, as some people do when in combat, remove and drop your sack (or whatever you carry your supplies in). If you do this though, watch out for thieves. (Thanks to Lyrad)

Q:    How does combat guarding work?
A:    The role you see when you start combat guarding isn’t important. All that roll does for you is give you an indication of roughly how well you can guard, based on your skill at guarding and whether you're standing, sitting, etc. The roll that actually does matter is made but not seen whenever someone tries to get past your guard. This roll definitely gets a bonus/penalty depending on what it is you're trying to guard (e.g. doorways are very easy to guard, so the person trying to get past you gets a big penalty), and probably gets further modified by a few other things too, such as a couple of the attributes of the person you're trying to stop. Having spoken to a couple of people who are pretty good at combat guarding, it looks like it's impossible to guard perfectly, so presumably people never have more than 95 success to get past you, and will eventually succeed if they keep trying. (Thanks to WDB)

Q:    How important are the attributes in your strikes?
A:    Different attributes effect you in different ways. If you're very strong, your crushing strikes will be more powerful. If you're agile you're more difficult to hit. Check out the official TEC Web site here for more information. (Thanks to Istnabul1)

Q:    Is a higher quality weapon always better than any lower quality weapon - regardless of its class?
A:    A higher quality weapon is easier to strike with, but does not affect the amount of damage it can do.  That is dependent on its class. (Thanks to Eternity)

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