Willace Sureshot

I was born in Iridine. My mother died during child birth, and my father was left to raise me. I always blamed myself for my mother's death, and at the age of 16 I turned to Ereal for answers. I prayed for answers and sought counsel in priests. At the age of 17, I saw a vision of my mother in a dream. My mother told me that her death wasn't my fault, and that I had to continue on with my life. After I awoke that morning, I was a changed man. I seriously listened to my father and diligently trained to become a priest. I continued training, and at the age of 19, I became a priest. I believed that my dream was Ereal's gift to me, and now I could spread Ereal's prayer everywhere. At the age of 20, I had a successful life for me, and I had even convinced my father to come to weekly prayers, but it was at this time, that something happened that changed my life forever. My father was hunting out in the forest around Iridine when a small Cineran scout party attacked. My father was between the town and the forest, when one of the Cinerans spoted him. He used the trees to his advantage, and made every arrow count, yet he soon ran out of arrows. He shot down seven soldiers before they came up from behind him. I still don't know what happened to his body. All I could find was his short bow and some money. I went home and found my house in ashes...all my memories gone in a blaze. I left behind those horrible times, and moved into a small shack next to the shrine of Ereal. The priest helped me get food and clothing. Midway through the year, I moved back into the forest and practiced my archery. Soon though, I longed for people to talk to. I came back into the city, and found that it had not changed much. Phaedro was still the same, as was the Stone Toga Inn. I met a rogue named Valponi who refamiliarized me with the city, and gave me armor and supplies. He soon became my best friend. Now, a few months after I returned to the city, I am the leader of the 'Birds of Prey' and a devoted priest. I thank you for listening to my life, and may Ereal guide your life forever.

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