Wayreth Majere

When I was eight years old I inherited my fathers quareterstave after he was killed in a battle,. A big war occured a couple of months after my dad passed away my mom was killed by Cinnerans in a fight for land. As I grew I started to get better at using staves and I was training hard for eight years, when I reached the age of 15 I had a staves trainer, his name was Istarn, a fine warrior from my homeland who trained me for the next three years, by 18 I was pretty good in my skill until the Cinnerans invaded our homeland causing everyone to retreat and find a new home. I was on my own from that point on so I decided to head out for new land. After about five months I arrived at a city. I figured I traveled far enough so I decided to stay at this mysterious place. I started training onece more and hoped to find a new home in Iridine.

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