Vladmir Zhukov

Born seventeen years ago in the Territory of Altene, Vladmir Zhukov was the only son of a proud and loving couple.  He had not lived long when his inquisitve, yet gentle nature and preference for solitude marked him as an unlikely warrior.

Though his heart did not love violence, he was nevertheless an apt pupil in the arts of stave fighting, and was conscripted into the Heart of Altene at the customary fourteen years of age. It was during his sometimes brutal training that Vladmir discovered his talents in woodcraft and survival, and soon found a place as an apprentice in the Legion's scouting arm.  His apprenticship served him in more than just education, however, as he soon found himself in love with his fellow scout and sifara, Alexandra Rostov.   His love was returned, and, as Altene's marry early, the two were wed before his sixteenth birthday.

They were together less than six months.

It the winter of his sixteenth year, an Iridian trader named Ernilius came to Altene land in search of greater profits.  Not realizing that the Altene were far less backward than he'd been told, the trader offered quality weapons and armor for the simple price of Alexandra.  He escaped the Altene camp with his life.  Ernilius was a man with fragile pride and little conscience, however.  Gravely insulted, the arrogant and foolish man snuck his way into the camp, and poisoned the water in Vladmir's well.

Alexandra died after much suffering, and only by the grace of Erai did her husband survive.  Though hovering near death, young Vladmir swore to avenge his lost love.   As soon as his strength returned, he left his Altene homeland and pursued the coward Ernilius.  A full year passed before he caught him, though his vengeance remained unquenched.  Ernilius had been a stupid man, and arrogant.  Such men make many enemies.  Enemies that had found him mere hours before the young Altene. 

Disheartened by the theft of his prey, but satisfied that justice had been served, Vladmir turned his feet toward home, but found that he could not walk.  His life before had been mostly Alexandra, and his homeland held little for him.  He journeyed on to Iridine, The Eternal City, where his stay has been....eventful.  He has found friends and adventure, and a certain fufillment from aiding those in need.  He is becoming at home in this strange land, with it's lyrical names and it's public baths, and hopes that new friends, and new adventures will ease the pain of his lost love.

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