Varsh Riotbane

Varsh was born in one of Altene's frontier cities. He and his parents lived there, running a small weapons shop. His father was a sometimes member of the militia, his mother tended to the home and shop, and his brother aided Varsh's mother. Varsh, like so many others in his town, lost his parents at an early age. His father died defending the town from Cinners, while his mother was slaughtered as she tried to flee from the shop. Varsh and his elder brother barely escaped with their lives. They made their way to Iridine with nothing but their clothes, a knife apiece, and his brother's quarterstave. Varsh soon discovered that he could make a small income by killing rats, while his brother was training to be a legionnaire. When Varsh was eighteen, his brother had his leg permanently crippled in a battle. Varsh's brother returned home and promptly gave his quarterstave to Varsh. Now 20, Varsh still lives in Iridine and hunts rats. Varsh's brother married a local girl and then moved to Vetallun where he opened a small shop. He still lives in Vetallun. As for Varsh, there is a bright future ahead for him and he continues to thank Ereal for the chances he has been given in life.

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