Vanir Veruna

Vanir Veruna is the result of the marriage between Keyon Veruna, an Altene bodyguard of the Tuchean king and and Nina Ornak, an Iridinean healer, who worked in the court of the king. Vanir was born at the 3rd day of Scran in the 200th year of the Republic, in Altene, and he was raised there. His father retired not long after Vanirs birth, and taught him how to wield the stave when he got old enough. At the age of 12, Vanir found out a terrible secret, his father had been having an affair with another woman for 10 years, and he had another son. His name was Tarrim, and he was about the same age as Vanir. Keyon was given a choice: either Vanirs mother, or Tarrim's mother. He chose the second one.

Vanir and his mother left Altene, and headed for Iridine. They were both sad and mad at the same time, but they got over it while travelling. 'Iridine is the best place to become someone,' Vanirs mother said. 'It's a place were different people of different countries and cultures meet.'

When they arrived in Iridine, Nina started working in the Hospice and Vanir went hunting and fishing in the vale every day. They had hired 2 inn rooms in a cheap establishment named The Short Oar. One day, a few months after they started living in Iridine, Vanir came back from the vale finding 2 constables waiting at the Short Oar. The body of Vanirs mother was found at the bank of the Invex.

Right after the burial, a man in a hooded cloak came to Vanir, who was sitting in the vale, crying. He pushed a note into Vanirs hands and ran off.

On the note were the following words:

Nina Ornak had been working for us. I'm taking a huge risk by delivering this note to you. We are not The Guild, we are not Ravanites. I can't write who we are on this note. She mixed poisons for us. She wanted to quit, and our leaders let her go. But no one out of our organisation is allowed to live with the secrets we carry.

If you want to know more, come to the Golden Anchor tavern at dusk.

so Vanir went to the Golden Anchor tavern at dusk. The barkeeper, Marcellus, asked him if he wanted to drink something, and when Vanir told him he wanted a mug of ale, Marcellus whispered to him: 'They told me to give you this message: 'meet me where she fell.'" Vanir knew that they must have ment his mother, so he went to place at the river bank of the Invex where his mother was found, and found a corpse laying there, hooded, with a knife in his back. It was the same man that delivered him the message in the Vale. He yelled for the constables, and they came. He didn't talk about the fact that he was supposed to meet the man there.

Vanir continued his life, hunting in the vale and the dumps, tried to forget about his mother, because worrying why it all happened wouldn't help a sen. Maybe one day he would figure it all out. Yes, one day he will find the murderers. He will not die before he finds them.

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