Vania Wraith

The name's Vania, put people like to call me with my last name, Wraith. I hate it actually, it makes you sound like you're a thief. But I have to live with it *sigh*.

I was born in Gadaene, but when I was only 3 years old my parents and I moved to Iridine. My father was an outdoorsman, he didn't like the city much but my mother was a healer, and in the village where we had lived, people didn't get wounded very much. In Iridine, my mom could work at the hospice and earn some money. So my father didn't like the city, and he went to the forest when he had the time. Sometimes, I went with him, it is at those moments, watching my father, that I learned the basics of surviving in the outdoors. Finding firewood and building fires, making torches,...

We were all so happy, until one day, when my father had gone to the forest, 3 constables knocked on our door. They came to arrest my father. For murder. My entire world collapsed. My father? A killer? At first I denied it. That couldn't be true. The constables waited in our house. When my father returned and he saw them, his face turned white and he tried to run. The constables grabbed him, he resisted with all his might... He was dragged off to jail, stripped of his belongings, and thrown in a dark cell.

That's where he died, after a long time... I asked the constables who he had killed. They told me he killed a lot of citizens wearing a mask, and usually he escaped when the constables arrived, but the last time he tried to do it one of the citizens knocked him unconscious and took off his mask. That citizen had been blackmailing my father a long time, but when he was drunk he talked a little bit too much and the ears of a constable received it all.

The years after the death of my father, my mother had become extremely hard to live with. When she wasn't depressive she beat the hell out of me for the least I did wrong. That's why I left home when I was 10. I left Iridine, and traveled back to the village in Gadaene where we had lived. I spent 5 years with my family there, sometimes I felt guilty about leaving my mother alone, even though she had become such a bitch. So I decided to go back and see how she was doing. When I arrived in Iridine, at the house where we used to live, an old man lived there. I told him that I was looking for the previous owner of the house, a woman, my mother. He looked me deep in the eyes and said: 'I am sorry. Your mother... joined the kingdom of Ereal'

'How?', I asked, holding my tears. He replied: 'People say that the reason why she did it was that she was all alone, that life was just a like a heavy rock on her back.' I ran away from the house, ran into the woods. I spend days at the same spot, crying, eating the rations I had with me, and crying some more. After a year of sadness, doing some stuff here and there to earn money, I decided that it would perhaps be better if I started concentrating on the stuff I learned from my father. That's what I did then, that's what I'm doing now and that's what I'm going to do, that will be the rest of my life

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