Valenor was born Altene to Vansec and Nevite Thessalonia, when he was young he moved to the great city of Iridine to escape a life of war. Though he left young, he was still trained in the arts of Staves, favoring a Fangstave as his prized possesion. While in Iridine he learned how to survive by hunting vermin and small animals, then selling the pelts or trinkets found on their bodies. His life with his parents in Iridine was difficult due to racism and his immense poverty. After 11 years in Iridine his father came down with a plague and passed away at the age of 64, he and his mother survived on their own, until a fateful night when his mother was mugged, and stabbed, he tried to chase down the robbers, but could not get them. He trodded back to his mother who was soon to die, he drug her nearly lifeless body to his small shack, said a prayer for her and laid her to rest in his back yard, where her body was burned on a pyre. Though his mother was murdered, he did not vow revenge, instead he vowed to become respected some day, so that he could make his parents proud.
On Valenor's 20 birthday, he decided to go for a walk in the town, for he had some spare change from fighting a large load of rats, the night before. He walked into a small Tavern and saw the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, he saw his soon-to-be love. He had to have this lady, it was love at first site, but he didn't have the courage to approach such a beautiful lady. So he waited, and came back the next night, again he saw her, and yet again he did not say a word to her. An entire month of doing this, he decided to work up enough courage to ask to hunt with her, for she was very skilled with a gladius, and he found that interesting. He soon found out that she was Altene as he was, and they had long talks and spent much time with each other, enjoying each other's company. He then knew he was definitely in love, but he knew not if she was, and wasn't sure how to find out, so he worked up the courage and asked her, she told him indeed she was, and he thought that was the happiest moment of his life. He has loved her to this day, and hopes to join the constabulary some day, and make his parents proud, thats is the story of Valenor Thessalonia, to date.

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