Typhin Stonecutter

 Typhin Stonecutter was born in the city of Windward. His father was a soldier and his mother a normal housewife. At the age of 15, he was falsely accused of raping a local woman.Trials were held over the span of 2 months. In the end, justice prevailed, and the true rapist turned himself in. Although he was cleared of all charges, no-one ever seemed to treat Typhin the same way again. Rude names and bitter comments were constantly being thrown at Typhin from every angle. Eventually, he becamed tired of all the hate and left the city. While travelling from town to town, Typhin joined up with a bands of gypsies and began travelling with them. The gypsies stopped in a large city called Iridine when Typhin was 18. It was then that Typhin bid the gypsies farewell and headed out to start a life of his own. Iridine turned out to be a great place for Typhin. No-one here knew of the bad luck from his past. No-one made smart comments behind his back. He was finally free of the shackles of his past. Now a days, Typhin can be found relaxing in the yard out front of the Stone Toga Inn or trying to gather people into hunting parties. He loves the thrill of battle and constantly wants to test his skills, much the same his father did in his youth.

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