Trenton Vindarin

I was born in Monlon...where my mother died during childbirth. May father Marcallie Vindarin was a skilled swordsman and well-known sailor. My father started taking my out on trips with him when I was about 6 years of age. He was a tradesman and a fisherman. I was not part of the richest family in Monlon but I was part of one of the most liked families. My dad tried to teach me everything he knew and as he did when I was about 8 I began learning some in swords. By the time I reached 14 I became a practiced swordsman...along with my father who was a Grandmaster. While my father went on an overnight fishing trip I stayed at home, where I went into our library to read about our family history. It seemed that I had the picture perfect family till I found a hidden passage behind a bookshelf. The passage was dark and damp, so I took a torch with me. Inside there was only one way to go. The passage seemed to go on forever till it came to a coffin. I was a bit frightened, but I opened the coffin. Inside I saw the remains of my long dead ancestors, Westeain Vindarin, His skeleton was holding a large book in its right hand, and a very, odd Red glassy stone in his left. As I opened the book and began to read I could tell my family was not so picture perfect...

I write this for my future generations to read. I, Westeain Vindarin, am part of the good side of the family. Back in the days before Iridine was formed good and evil split our family. The evil part of our family possessed Thieving skills and the black magic of Raven, while the good side of our family possessed skills of the gladius and the elemental magic that Ereal granted us. But, Ereal granted us the elemental magic in 4 stones, a red Glassy stone filled with fire, a blue stone filled with water, a yellow stone filled with lightning, and a brown stone filled with Earth. With these four stones and the golden gladius passed down by our family the one from the good side could defeat the evil side. I Westeain was the one chosen to defeat our evil side and I did accomplish that. As a gift from Ereal, I was promised that my 10 descendent would have a task to complete. If he could gain all four stones and the Golden Gladius of our family he could posses the balance of Elemental magic and would become a mighty warrior.

As I closed the book the words never really got to me until I turned around and saw my dad standing there. I thought I was in trouble but he only said that I shouldn't be here yet and said since I found this room that he would explain it on our sailing trip the next day. He gave me the red stone that my ancestor was holding and told me to keep it safe. When the next day came we were boarding the ship and my dad said I could steer out of the Harbor. This was great I never got to be at the wheel unless we were out in the open. I guess when you are 14 new things happen. While we were a bit into the ship my dad called me into his quarters. He began to explain that I was the 10 descendent of the ancestor I found. He also said how the family had to give the other three stone to Ereal who hid them throughout the land and the golden Gladius rested in the center of my family past. I wasn't sure what that really meant but I knew I was sure to find out soon. That night a vile tempest arose. The ship was tossed about everyone was running about trying to keep the ship together but the ship got struck by lightning.... The next this I remember is waking up on the shore of a strange place. I saw a town not too far away so I went toward it. Before I got there I pulled out my dad's red cloak he had given me and pulled it tightly around my head. When I arrived at town I realized I wasn't in the republic or Iridine anymore, I was in Cineria. I saw many slaves being beaten throughout the town. Not all were mean some knew I looked Iridinian and tried to help me. One man gave me a small boat and a map to get back to Iridine, which I did. When I arrived back in Iridine I was already 18 I spent 4 long years in Cineria and on the ocean. But for all I know this was only the beginning of my quest. I was the last of my blood left and the one who was to find all four stones and the Golden Gladius of my family. So I set out on my long quest.

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